Audioquest DBS

Can the DBS on Audioquest cables be turned on/off? If so, how?
Thanks in advance.

On my diamond cable the external lead plugs into the main block. If yours is the same pulling it out would do it I would imagine

Okay… Thanks

Unplug it.

I thought there might be an on/off button. I guess the button with the green LED is just a test button.

@kitdog I don’t know if unplugging the dbs will effect there performance. I have some audioquest cables in my system and they sound fantastic with dbs pack. I have never tried unplugging them to see the difference. YMMV

I definitely want to have it on. I just wasn’t sure if it was actually on. The LED is off unless the button is pushed. I thought maybe it was off.

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why to turn OFF ?

I don’t want to turn off permanently, I just thought if there was a
switch I’d see what it sounded like being (if any).

Any conclusion?

I would have to unplug the lead. I trust the technology and it sounds
amazing, so I just decided not to.

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I order my cables without it. I just don’t like it.

The DBS is just a gimmick. Could hear absolutely no difference pulling it out from a AQ Wild interconnect. It is a passive wire not connected to anything except the batteries. SR Tesla I could hear right away. It is active system and light stays on when active.

Thanks. I’ll try it unplugged, probably no difference.

Good to know! Thanks

Gimmick or not, if you’ve got one, just leave it alone, surely