Help an Audioquest newbie

Just started auditioning a Coffee USB and not sure what I’m supposed to do in regards to the Dielectric-Bias System. Do I energize it before a listening session? Should I position it along the cable closer to the source or further away from it? Does positioning even matter? Thank you for any info

The AQ DBS system should be active at all times. You use the button only to check if the battery is dead. If you don’t see the green light light up when you press the button, then replace the battery. The battery should last for many years so you really don’t need to check it that often.
The battery pack should be at the source end. If you look carefully, you should see the arrows printed on the connectors that points the direction of flow.
You don’t have to do anything to this cable. Just use it like any other cable and enjoy, it’s an excellent cable.

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Very good, thank you!

Will the DBS eliminate the need for a break-in period?

When the cable is brand new, it will require a lot of break in to sound it’s best, like any other high end cable.
But what the DBS does is as AudioQuest quotes [AudioQuest’s patented Dielectric Bias System (DBS) puts all of a cables dielectric into a strong stable electrostatic field which saturates (organizes) the molecules of the insulation continuously from the time the cable is terminated. ]

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The DBS doesn’t eliminate the need to break in. Tho in my experience the smaller USB and HDMI didn’t need as much time as speaker and power cables.


That is true for my AQ XLR analogue interconnects. However, for Coffee USB cable, mine has the battery pack at the destination point :thinking:

So the battery pack could be in either end. Then you have to go by the arrow on the connector. My Dragon has it pointed away from source. The AQ picture has it pointed towards the source. Better to try it both ways and see which sounds better.


Thanks for the info guys :+1:

Really liking this cable. In a perfect world I could afford the Diamond, but this Coffee is performing just fine for me. :sunglasses: