Audioquest Niagara or other brands vs. PS Audio AC Regenerators

There’s only one model–it’s not the vinyl footers but:

Thanks for the info lonson! Order placed.

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Are there any other P20 tweeks worth considering, such as fuses?

Considering what the P20 does, this might seem counter intuitive, but a very high quality power cable makes a genuine improvement.

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Thanks for the reply RonP. I’ve read a review somewhere between the Niagara 5000 and the P20. The reviewer noted that both clearly benefited from the AQ Hurricane power cable. I’ve got one on order and should get it Monday!


Honestly don’t know if I heard a difference with a fuse upgrade to an SR blue on a P20 but there is only one so why not try it? As for power cables, several Forum members like Ron, Al, and myself heard a big leap with good cord. I ended up with a Shunyata Sigma 20a. Expensive but no regrets. Have not tried Audioquest line. Good hunting.

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I got my AQ Hurricane hp cord in yesterday and have been running it with the Niagara 5000. That was really a worth while addition. Counterintuitive for sure, but synergy, synergy, synergy.

Can’t wait to get my hands on the P20 and hear what it does…


I can’t wait to hear! Let me know if you are getting rid of your 5000 once you fall in love with the P20!

Before my regenerators, I had an Audioquest 1000. It was a revelation over my cheapo power strip.
I was very happy with it for everything except my amps.
But then I got a P5 and it was something else entirely.
Now I have a P20 and I’m happy to have found my ultimate solution in this area.


Hello Paul172. I’ve ordered the P20, so it should get shipped in 3-4 weeks. The hard part is do I convert a second room to pure analog with the prima luna tubes, Focal 1028s and VPI TT, or combine them all in my main listening room (19 x 23 feet). On the one hand I recognize the need to focus and streamline, and on the other hand, I just love to play around and tweek.

I’ll keep this going after the P20s have had a few days duty.

Nice! I know how you feel! I created the topic to see how forum members compare PS regenerators to Audioquest Niagara products particularly since I’m in the market for a Niagara 5000 but after reading the comments I shouldn’t rule out the PS regenerators. I’m still excited to read your review/comparison!

Excuse for asking a relative question :
What about comparing to Mcintosh MPC1500 Power Controller ?

McIntosh based on toroidal isolation transformer …


MPC1500 is a power regulator, isolator and surge protector. PS Audio produces power regenerators that convert AC to DC, then regenerate AC from it, a different approach to power altogether. @jamesh can help out.

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Thanks. I want to think what to buy ? Cant try before buy unfortunately
Is the MPC1500 philosophy can make bad influence on sound and dynamics ?

I have not listened to a system being fed by the MPC1500. However, feedback on PS Audio forum tells me that all those who bought PS Audio power regenerators have noticed improved dynamics, imaging, and spatial detail.

My mains provide relatively clean balanced power with incoming distortion of 0.4 ~ 0.8%, yet the improvement was remarkable. I think the $7500 for the P15 was well spent.

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How can I measure distortion ?

PS Audio provides this service to current owners of their regenerators as they’re all connected online. My reading is shown below. Others spoke of distortion levels higher than 1%. In such cases, the audible improvement would be much higher.


If someone has the McIntosh product vs PS Audio vs Audioquest vs any other manufacturer I’d love to read about them all! Thank you

I’m sure it’s a decent piece and will do a good job of cleaning up some of the noise, but at the heart of it, it’s still a conditioner. Because conditioners inherently increase output impedance, the system’s dynamics will be negatively impacted. Seems like a trustworthy surge protector.