AudioQuest Power cable for a Transport Streamer and a separate Pre Amp


Looking for a Power cable .

  1. Is the Audioquest NRG-Z3 preferred for a Streamer transport ?

2 In addition. Looking for. AudioQuest power cable for my McIntosh C53 PreAmp. (Not so expensive but a premium level)

Any advice will be appreciated.

NRG z3 is an excellent cable. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The great thing about audioquest is they make power cables to fit almost every budget so I would suggest you figure out what you’re comfortable with spending, and find the cable that matches.

I would def check out the resale market like TMR or USAM even eBay. No shortage quality used power cables available at good prices.

You should also check out Bluejean Cables BAV power cables. While I don’t have any experience with them a lot of forum members have, and seem to enjoy them.

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But a cable that only uses solid perfect copper plus and that have got at least 3x 2,5 mm2. For amps and power conditioning 3x4 mm2 is recommended which means the Storm series.

There is huge difference in clarity, depth, lack of hashness and more micro details with cables that only uses that best material, compared to the cables that mixes material

Solid perfect surface copper plus gives almost all the benefit of silver cables but remains all advantages that a copper only cable have got.

The most inexpensive way to try a solid surface copper plus power cable suitable for a pre amp or transport might be NRG-5. The conductor could have better AWG but otherwise is a great cable worthy of high end status. It was USD 350 new ten years ago and can be had in perfect condition for USD 80 today! It’s much better than NRG-4 that mixes material.

It almost brings as much clarity as a Nordost Frey power cable…

Next step up is the 3x2,5mm2 NRG-10.

So when evaluating Audioquest, choose solid cables, choose after thickness and only choose their best copper. Then you will be a happy audiophile, save money and avoid misstakes that could lead to further upgrades down the line.