Audio Quality Power Cables

Hi, I am probably like everybody else that hasn’t tried audio quality power cables, using the cables that came with each component in my system. I do understand and have certainly benefited from high quality cables between each components, using high quality Kimber Kables. I have recently installed a higher quality (shielded) Ethernet cable to my streamer and heard a noticeable improvement in sound. As a result I have been looking at audio quality power cables and am thinking of putting my toe in the water with these. I’m not keen on spending thousands of dollars, or even several hundreds at this stage. Also, I am wondering if anybody has advice on what would be the most beneficial component in my system to use a high quality power cable….i would like to buy one and see what difference it might make. So, would I use it in the streamer (dSC Network Bridge), for the DAC (PS Mk1), or the pre or power amp ( both Dynavector).

I appreciate I’m being a cheap skate but still need some convincing on the benefit of better power cables….any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi. It depends on the cable you are considering.

Generally speaking the regenerator/conditioner is the component where your best power cord can bring best results, because the improvement is extended to the whole system.

Secondly… hmm, secondly… I’m not qualified to give you suggestions on this…

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Personally, a power cord with reasonable price that has made an obvious improvement was a Anticable Level 3 power cord.

If you are getting one, you can try it on any of your components to see which benefits the most. I will start with amp, then moves to DAC.


Thanks for the comments. I don’t have a conditioner…Just wanting to start this experiment slowly….

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I will have a look at the Anticables…not sure if I can buy them in Australia though. Thanks for the information.

Give the Viborg MBU1501 a try. I think I paid $97 on sale for my 1.5m and it has made a small but positive improvement. Probably best for a power amp due to its size but I put mine in a PST and like it.

More info: Viborg Power Cord

I have had a Quick Look at the Viborg MBU1501 but it appears to only come with a USA plug, not suitable for Australia. I should have mentioned I am in Australia :grinning:

Who are these people? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Second - Amp or Preamp.

I would pick Amp. It’s pulling the most power.

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I would look at the used market. At a minimum you will 2x your buying power.


Perhaps only me……:rofl:

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@luca.pelliccioli - Luca, @Searle54 is in trouble.

Who should warn them? @dchang05? Is it your turn?


I’ve had a look at those 2nd hand sites, but mostly appear to be USA or UK plus and won’t work for me…yes, I’m in trouble vkennedy61

Where do you live?

Don’t buy used Audioquest and Nordost power cords since there are too many fakes.

Warn them? You know I don’t believe in power cords😆

I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia….a little far away from the USA where there seem to be heaps of second hand power cables…

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@Searle54 Hi from Geelong

For Australia it’s hard I gave up a number of years ago
The solution for me is I grabbed a p20 - 240v version with USA plugs that way you can run USA plugs. The power point feeding the p20 is a furutech USA plug but that’s rated above 240v so no issues

For Australian leads mainly in subs I just run the with the off the reel power cable

Once you go over to USA plugs the used market really opens up

Hi @garethster, many thank for the comments and links……there are quite a few hifi stores here that sell audio quality power cables. Some for only a few hundred dollars and with Australian plugs. I might try relatively inexpensive cable for my amp and see what happens with any improved sound quality before I invest more.

You might ask Shane at An Aussie Audiophile you tube channel.
I dont know him personally but he is a friend of a friend.
He may have some advice based on local suppliers offerings.

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Thanks for that link…

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