AudioStream podcast about the TSS (and oher things) at AXPONA

Out of all of the people who interviewed me at AXPONA Brian Hunter seemed to be the one that both doing a professional job and seemed to “get it”. It was fun talking to him and we had a bit of a chat afterwards as well. If you like his style he has other podcasts available from a wide range of people and more that he did at AXPONA will be showing up:–-ps-audio-legend-audiostream-podcast-no8
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Thank you for sharing the link and for giving your time so freely to educate and entertain so many of us.

There’s probably not anything there that I haven’t said here, but I like talking to people and he was a good interviewer IMO.


Great stuff Ted - really enjoyed it - Thanks…

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Finally got around to listening to the entire Podcast…good stuff. I especially appreciated the no-nonsense manner in which you addressed some of the more, shall we say, emotionally-charged canards regarding the digital transmission of audio data.

Brian was surprised that I didn’t try to dance around those questions like the people he has previously interviewed.