I'll be offline during AXPONA 2019, but you can see the prototype TSS and talk to me there

We’ll have the prototype TSS at AXPONA 2019 and I’ll be around to answer questions. I hope to meet some of you there.


Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow in Chicago!!!

Please post pictures! Not making it to Axpona this year.

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Can’t wait! Do you know the projected price of TSS?

I’ve got a hunch this might be it…


Darko says $20-25K.

Hi Ted, will you be hanging out in the PSA room? Looking forward to meeting you! On the plane from Seattle now to Chitown :slight_smile:

So that will be £20-25K in the UK. That will put it firmly in DCS territory.

'Tis a bargain for an MSB and Esoteric Killer!


I’ve never heard anything by MSB or Esoteric but I would presume they sound pretty damn good given the prices. I’ve been continually drawn back to the DCS Vivaldi separates system which I believe in total costs over $100K but then I think would I want to spend that much on a DAC system - I don’t think I even have the space for all those boxes? I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. 25K would be tempting though as long as it isn’t in five big boxes.

Jeff, I like your style. Windup Brodric as he windups his (esoteric) musical trinket box! :grin:


Moi? Never… :joy:


Damn, I suspected I was doing something wrong. There was no mention in the Esoteric owners manual of the windup mechanism on my musical trinket box, and now that I have found it and would it up, my Esoteric musical trinket box is performing even more flawlessly than it was before. Now the challenge for PS Audio is to build something that works equally as flawlessly…that magical windup mechanism might just do the trick!


Ted. I will be there. I look forward to it. So is the TSS prototype up and running for Axpona or will it be there to look at?? :slight_smile:

My reading of what Darko said is that it is a static display.

Ted’s in fine form. Had dinner in Chicago with him and his lovely wife Sharyl who’s made him a new shirt for the occasion (every show he gets a new print and this year it’s musical instruments). Ted will be answering questions in our room and we’ll try and
include him in a “Ted Talks” (who could resist calling it that?) when we do our live Ask Paul session on Saturday. Please join us.


“Ted Talks” is perfect.

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Will do.


Here’s a picture of the speakers set up anyway. More pictures to follow as I have time to take them.


I’m interested in his MIT experiences. If he could enlighten us on that with a “Ted Talks” story or 2 might be very interesting. Those MIT guys are real smart. I watched a YouTube video today of a young student at MIT. They are rebuilding an Apollo Guidance Computer from various original bits and pieces that they’ve hobbled together, together with original plans and drawings sourced from NASA archives. The stumbling block has been the rope ladder memory which holds the various programs that makes it do what it does. They are unable to repair the rope ladder memory modules that they have. Anyway, this MIT student has bread-boarded a FPGA, programmed it to mimic what the rope ladder memory does, and interfaced it with the other AGC hardware. And it works perfectly! I could just imagine Ted being that student, if there was such a thing as a FPGA back when he was a MIT student. And for those who might not be aware, Draper Lab at MIT invented the AGC that got the Apollo spacecrafts safely to the moon and back.