Mac Air 11 versus DirectStream


Greetings to all , my name is Gino and I write from Italy for information for my Mac Air 11 series beginning in 2014 , with Audirvana Plus.

I plugged my DirectStream but is not read by the Mac Air. On Audirvana , in prefferred Audio Device is visible " PS Audio 2.0 Audio Out" , but entering Finder -Applications - Utilities - Audio Midi Setup do not see the DirectStram.

Indeed from Auralic with Audezee LCD - XC comes out music.

Can you help me please? Excuse my American , but the translation is through GOOGLE.

Anyway thanks and a big greetings to you.



Try unplugging the USB cable and plugging it back in. Quit and restart Audio Midi Setup. Also rebooting the MacBook and DS may help. I would have thought that it would be sufficient to select the DirectStream in Audirvana but I do not use the program so I do not know.


Audirvana is a little problematic and you may have to also open the Midi controller in Utilities and make sure our DAC has been selected as the output device. Also, make sure the computer didn’t auto select the 340kHz sample rate, choose 176kHz instead.