Axpona delayed again!

I like the thought of a stronger show in April. Hopefully they don’t steal from the industry again this time.

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The point being that if everyone gets vaccinated local shows are far more likely to return, but international shows like Munich seem a way way off.

The UK was the global guinea pig for returning safely to mass-attendance events. To many people’s surprise it worked, based on high jab take-up and national monitoring. Tell a teenager if you get a jab you can go to a music festival, they will get a jab, so music festivals have returned.

The biggest problem we have is lack of overseas workers. So you can put on an audio show, but don’t know where they will get the hospitality staff to run it.

The bigger problem is that China, with a low vaccination rate (about 25%), will close a port or factory if there is one positive Covid test. It is the largest factor in global supply chains slowing by about half, transport costs increasing exponentially and the ability to deliver goods plummeting. It’s not getting better, it’s getting worse. So better not exhibit products you can’t manufacture or deliver and pricing is increasingly uncertain because of increasing parts and distribution costs.

I just got an e-mail from them saying it is still on. Just in case anyone asks … I’ve never been, so can’t offer any assessment on how good a show it is.

Right now, the only restrictions in Montgomery County are indoor mask requirements. What show organizers decide to do is anyone’s guess.

I obviously missed something. There exists an issue between PSA and AXPONA?

The organizers of Axpona refused to refund Axpona fees to vendors in 2020 when COVID killed Axpona 2020. I think that’s it in a nut shell but I could be wrong.

Oh that’s right. So that means AXPONA won’t charge exhibitors for 2021 if they paid for 2020 or were 2020 fees sunk?

“Issue” isn’t just us, it’s all the exhibitors from 2020.

AXPONA took our money and when CoViD hit and they cancelled the show they did not refund a nickel of it. This, despite the fact the hotel refunded their deposit on rooms. They used our money to keep their staff paid.

Their basic deal is we’ll give you 50% off next year’s room if you send us more money upfront.

None of this was above board. Before we advance more good money after bad we’re going to wait and see what happens.

Right now we’re just SOL.



Sorry to throw salt on the wound. I thought that the fees paid 2020 rolled into 2021. Asking for more money for 2021 is absurd and in very poor taste after everyone’s already paid for nothing! I personally would of had a different view on attending had I known the full story.

Thanks @Paul for reminding of what happened.

If I owned an audio company, it would be really tough to trust them after that.

I know business is business, but if I were a manufacturer, I doubt I could ever do business with them again, until every dime was refunded.

Not taking sides here but typically a convention would provide for cancellation terms, and acts of god impacts. I’d like to think the convention organizers and exhibitors could work it out, That said I wonder how this was covered in the AXPONA Convention contract.

That’s never going to happen because they spent it all. What’s galling though is their requirement for us to again pony up money in advance and “trust us”.

Seriously? This time around, they should trust us. To say their credibility is strained……

I can just imagine our CFO saying, “wait….they took $10K of our funds a year ago and now they want us to send another $10K and hope it works out?”

We cannot even get them to agree that if the show is again cancelled they will refund the newest round of upfront money.

Fool me once, shame on you…

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Seems hard to be believe that they did this (kept all exhibitor fees) and expect to continue on like nothing happened. It was a good show and within driving distance for me (and others here), but seems to be heading to the dust bin of history. Too bad RMAF requires a lot more investment for me or I would probably attend that, though I do have a concert that Friday which may or may not go on.

Paul is not Charlie Brown to AXPONA’s Lucy!

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@Paul Please think about exhibiting at the Capital Audio Fest show in November. Montgomery County has been pretty good about evaluating risk in a reasonable manner. And I’m sure the organizers would be delighted if you were here. A lot of audiophiles in the mid-Atlantic region.