Balance control

Does the directstream has balance control? Itshould have to be able to connect it to a power amplifier directly.

I cannot find the balance control on my remote, which is by the way different as the one shown in the manual. Why is that? Do I have the wrong remote?


You may have the wrong remote. There IS balance control on the DS, and the controls are at the very bottom left of the remote. Two buttons, marked “L” and “R” and “Balance” is printed under the two buttons.

It certainly does have a balance control.

On most of our remotes it says “balance” in the lower left hand corner. I think we’ve had two different types. You can email me a picture of yours and I’ll point it out.

Here’s the one I believe we are currently shipping.


Not it says “balance” in the lower left corner.

I have another one! directstream-remote.JPG

Right, that was the PerfectWave DAC remote. . . .

Contact customer service and we’ll get you another remote.

Thank you! I will do that right away.