Banana to spade adapters

Anyone use these? What’s your experience? (My bananas keep slipping out so I want to change to spades. Hold the jokes!)

I don’t have any direct experience with this but Cardas makes excellent connectors and their spade lugs should accept your bananas (if you buy them dinner and treat them right). If your bananas are the spring fit type, any of theirs should work but if they are machined you would need to make sure that the spades have an inlet that is compatible with a 0.16" banana. You might want to call them to see which one would be the best fit if yours are machined. If your banana is under 0.16"…you’re screwed. Or, well, maybe not.

Moi? Hold the jokes? Surely you jest, sir.

Best case scenario is to re-terminate with spades if you have a high watt soldering iron. A local electronics shop, music store or audio place could do it for you or Blue Jeans Cable in Seattle. Next best permanent solution would be to solder the spades to the bananas but this makes things messy if they ever want a divorce.

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Best money I ever spent. Work perfectly.

You, Doc, You, You are good! No, no, you are good, sir.

Ron from Cinci?

Ron from NJ

Oh. I was just poking around Google maps yesterday trying to find my Dad’s old house in Locust/Atlantic Highlands. Great memories of summers out there. I had never heard of an ice cream man until my first summer there. I think the other kids thought I was from Mars. I’ll never forget the moment that I realized that there was a truck that brought ice cream every day. Proof that God exists I guess. Telecaster fan, I take it?

Spent a good deal of time in The Highlands; went to college not far away.
I bought that Tele just slightly used for $175 and three bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon in 1967. It’s been worked very hard but well loved.
And the ice cream sandwich–oh God thank you.

You got a good deal. I make Teles and charge fee + 3 Rhinegeist Truth IPAs! I haven’t accepted PBR since the cost of swamp ash went up.:smile:

You MAKE Teles?! For yourself or for public consumption?

Yup. They are the easiest guitars to make. Pure Leo Fender genius. Anything from used parts to cutting and carving my own. I draw the line at necks. Too much going on there for me and Warmoth makes perfect ones. I’ve got a bunch of fir to make a few bodies out of, it’s very light and resonant. I was just kidding about selling them but when I retire I might just do that on a limited basis. I make them for myself or give them as gifts. Ever run into Bruce or SS Johnny back in the day?

I assembled one from all Warmouth parts. Came out nice. I used Virgil Arlo pu’s. They’re fabulous.
I used to run into Bruce very early on when his band was Steel Mill at The Upstage in Asbury Pk.
Yours looks great!

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That one has a set of active pups from Fishman. First time that I’ve tried something like that. There is a 5v charging port by the cable jack. They actually sound good but are very aggressive and I don’t find them as flexible as traditional wound ones. I’m an old school, low output Lindy Fralin kinda’ guy usually. I replaced the speakers in my Vibroverb so I used the old baffle for the cabinet, ripped cloth and all. The wood is very unique pine with lots of little bark inclusions, knots and milling marks. Picked up the wood at Lowes in the cheap bin.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got started on the search for my dad’s place due to an article that mentioned Red Bank music and that those guys used to buy their strings and stuff there before they were big. Glad you got to see him prior to fame. Those are always great stories.