Speaker cable question

Now that binding posts have become basically obese, I’m finding that spades don’t fit so well. I can trade my cable for bananas-to-bananas, or I can try a kludge like this:


It will work fine as I have done it before and you can decide if you hear a difference. I’ve only done it with cables going to subs and no difference in that application.

TARA Labs make several first class speaker cables that have extremely well made BSM (Banana - Spade Modules) which allow you to interchange spades or bananas in any configuration you want, any time you want.

As does Wireworld.

How do these work? I’m not familiar with them.

The spades and bananas screw into a base that’s soldered to the cable.

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Wireworld Eclipse 8 speaker cables & TARA Labs RSC Air Evolution speaker cables in my system for a month. The Wireworld spades & bananas & the modules where they screw in are coarse & flimsier than the much more substantial, better made TARA Labs spades, bananas & modules.


I have had success with Cardas - CAB Banana Plugs. http://cardas.com/parts_bananas.php

My biggest concern is harming the sound of thoroughly decent cables. I was shocked the binding posts on my speakers were so thick that a standard spade wouldn’t fit.

Thanks for the advice. I always appreciate the hive mind here, I get the best guidance and nobody ever tells me I’m stupid. (Which, of course, I am, but nobody likes to hear it.)

Thanks for the photo!

Thanks for the explanation!

Speaker cables include both bananas & 1/4" spades. 5/16" spades are also available. An extra set of spades is $30. Having all three will allow flexibility for seamless loudspeaker and/or power amp upgrades.

With all the connection interfaces I wonder if bare wire may be a better solution. M y understanding is you want a gas tight connection, which is not possible with most threaded fittings.

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I would be shocked–stupefied if you hear a difference. But if you do hear a difference, then there’s no alternative but new speakers and cables.

Now you’re TALKING!!

But seriously, I’ll surrender my LS50s only when you pry them from my cold, dead embrace.

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This issue with bare wire connection is oxidation which will occur. TARA system is very well made: smooth, nicely finished, heavy duty spades & bananas & smooth, easy screw in - screw out (far nicer than the Wireworld system). I hear no difference between spade & banana connections; in fact, for ease of connection, I’m using spade connection to BHK 300 amps & banana connection to Focal Sopra No. 2 loudspeakers.

Hi Famavolat, Did you compare any Iconoclast speaker cables with TARA and Wireworld? If not, why not. I have the same speaker and amp as you, am considering changing my speaker cables. BTW, thanks for your comments to my questions in the Beldan forum. Please message me with your reply if you feel my question is not relevant to this topic. Thanks.

I have no opinion on Iconoclast cables. Limited my comparison to Nordost Purple Flair, Wireworld Eclipse 8 & TARA Labs RSC Air Evolution speaker & XLR’s. Also TARA The One RCA. Loved the TARA RSC Air Evo & stopped there.

Of possible interest, I hear no difference with TARA Air Evo XLR’s with & without the ground station (I was able to use the better, more expensive HFX Ground Station for comparison), so I ordered 2 pair without the EVO Ground Station & saved $1,200 ($600@). The grounding system is very system/situation dependent.

RSC Air Evolution interconnect is the only Extended Bandwidth model where the ground station is optional. All those above have a better (and twice as expensive) HFX ground station. This adds considerably to the cost of already expensive cables; fine if you need it, not so good if you don’t.

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