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Easily the weirdest trade of the season. Stearns claims with Hader a year away from FA, now was the best time to trade him for best value. To me it’s nuts in a season when the Brewers are eyeing post-season. Who knew they’d be sellers. Stearns has been in hot water in the past with the fan base. I imagine this trade isn’t going down well with anyone thinking this was the year.


Need some more position players that can make contact with runners in scoring position and average more than .240.

I’d take 3 more Nicole Horners.

As a brief detour from trading, I took this during the third inning Rangers @ Oakland, 23 July (Saturday evening).

Attendance is unbelievably poor and I assume the team will relocate to Las Vegas.

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Awful to see…Hey, maybe a couple of home stands at Wrigley with that kind of attendance would wake up current management?

I’m betting this type of attendance would rattle an organization like the Cubs.

The game reminded me of this movie but without a happy ending.

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Ownership has intentionally sabotaged the team. The off-season dismantling of the team had one goal in mind, keep the fans away and use that as the reason for relocating. Oakland A’s have great fans but they won’t be played for suckers.

Agree. This is by design.

I’d hate to see them go. But I’m guessing they’d have an easier time getting a new stadium build in Vegas but I wonder if they’re playing a Vegas card to push the issue in Oakland.

R.I.P., Vin Scully.


Yo! Check this out, just announced:

Cubs, Cardinals set for MLB London Series 2023

This I want to be part of. Not sure when tickets will be available, but I’m in. I love London, it’s a great town I’ve visited half a dozen times. Seeing the Cubs and Cards go at it in London Stadium is going to be a gas.


Sounds like fun. I’d love to hear the crown bring their soccer passion to a baseball game then see what happens when the benches clear once in the middle innings.