Sunday Morning

A beautiful Sunday morning in Buffalo, NY
Burning OG Kush, spinning a pristine copy of Physical Graffiti (part of my fathers collection passed to me) and my beloved Bills playing at home today…

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday as well!!


Always wondered how people coped with the weather there. Makes more sense now.

We use a similar coping mechanism in San Diego where it’s ‘always’ 76 and sunny


85F high today and sunny in AZ. This time of the year is just spectacular. We have the next 6 months of this cool mornings and spectacular afternoons to look forward to… Just finished breakfast at our favorite pastry shop and it is a windows down ride back home in the Z06. Then tunes and time with the sweetie… I just don’t deserve this life…


Yep, originally from MN and have lived in AZ for two years now, and I think that the fall/winter here is absolutely fabulous! Summer, not so much. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As a Buffalo native and Bills fan I can relate. Although I currently live in Atlanta.

Pastry shop? Pastry shop? :stuck_out_tongue: May I ask the name of this little place? I like to keep these things in a little book for my travels. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s my “little black book”. :grin:

You guys are just rubbing it in now…

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Sugar & Spice - Everything is good. I bring my own coffee and sit outside for breakfast. I usually get small coffee roll and my sweetie gets something different every week. Today she got a coconut donut that was amazing.

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115F average everyday for JUL, AUG, and part of SEP this year. This was a brutal summer for AZ standards. Good to finally be done w/ summer. San Diego has better weather.

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Chiming in from Central Florida. Our winter has arrived…temps now will be dropping all the way down to below 70°, at night.

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Listening to some Steve Nicks in the atrium with the JBL Boom Box…

These custom thermal windows allow us to chill in the atrium when it is 120F in the back yard.

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Cool morning in the Hollywood Hills.
Enjoy the music!


Lived in Calabasas for years, loved that area… cycling in the Santa Monica mountains was the bomb… I was in that area for the last month. I was there for the 2 recent fires in Porter Ranch and Calimesa… my staff got evacuated

I mountainbike at least 3 days a week, mostly in the Angeles forest. Starting to ride an E bike once or twice a week too. Gonna be able to keep riding till I’m 90 with that thing! Love it!

Road Angeles Crest rte 2 from bottom to up past the 2 tunnels and back… Little Tiunga… too… road the SM pier to Santa Barbara to raise money for Diabetes… up the Rock Store, Kanan, PCH…

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Road Bikes only - sorry…

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Turbo Levo E bike
I can do 17 miles of singletrack, 4500ft climbing, then descending, in about 2 hours(eco setting). Talk about convenient! Never bother with trail or turbo settings. Great recovery rides.

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