Bass isn't heard in the listening position

I hear more Bass if I am standing BEHIND the listening position chair. Please see diagram attached.
I know that there are many factors and things in the room system that can be affected.
But Generally speaking. if the speakers close to the back walls , What influence on the Bass ?
( Or far from the Waals )

My speakers have FRONT Bass ports. Very heavy ass I can’t “play” with placement so much…
(Focal Sopra 3)

The short advice is, put them on a base with rolls (building center) and experiment with their and the sweet spot position. You have to.

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As you’ve already discovered, moving the listening position forward or backwards in the room can greatly affect your perception of bass frequencies. You may have to move your listening position, move your speakers, do both of those, or find different speakers that integrate better with the room you have to work with.

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Can you just move your chair?


No. Behind the chair is the Dining room with table and chairs …

Just bought a new speakers :blush:

Then follow @jazznut advice and put the speakers on some sort of rollers.


If you’re saying that the bass is BETTER in the area behind you, you may have your chair positioned in a corresponding bass trough (suckout) in the room.

You will tend to get more bass as you move the speakers back toward the walls, but there is no free lunch - you may pay a price in intelligibility in the mids and high end. And more bass isn’t always better bass. But sitting in a suckout is futile unless moving the speakers changes where in the room that happens. Depends on your room.


Thanks !!!

As a temporary solution use furniture gliders under the spikes to find right position and then mark it with painters tape so you can get the gliders out and position the speakers. Will likely take a second set of hands.


Thanks all.
I wish to understand something else but regards this subject.

On hard Ceramic Floor, Basically what is best to use :

Spikes on round metal “coins”
Spikes on round Rubber “coins”
No spikes-only Rubber “coins”

Thanks again

I’d say none of it.

The spikes on the hard floor would stimulate the whole floor and other equipment (in case the latter is also spiked). It would also sound sterile in mids but very controlled in bass.
Spikes on rubber would have too little base to destroy the energy. Ok sound but little optimized.
Only rubber could be the best solution if it wouldn’t be only rubber but a more dedicated material. With rubber it will sound washy in transients and imaging and undefined in bass.

IMO the expensive and best solution if you have a rich enough in mids sounding tonality is Isoacoustics Gaia or stronger, depending on the weight of your speakers.

The most cost efficient solution which also solves your movement of the speakers problem could be Herbie‘s big fat gliders. It’s the „only rubber“ solution done right and good if you have rather too little weight in the mids than too much.


Agreed either the Herbies pucks under the factory spikes or the thread versions in place of the spikes completely. A far more expensive alternative would be the Gaia’s.


Yes or replace the whole spiking on Herbie’s with the gliders.


The reason that I am not going to use Gaia 1 regards the installation procedure.
The speakers wight 154.32lbs - (70kg) - Each .

The one minor headache with installing Gaias on Sopras is that I have to remove the spikes from the base.

To remove the front spikes I have to lay the speakers on their side on something smooth, like sofa cushions and loosen the glass plate from the speaker enough that the head of the spike can be clear the underside of the cabinet and be removed.

After that I can re-tighten the glass base and proceed to install the Gaias.

Afraid to do so.

I found another solution : Adding Footers based on Ceramic Balls , These will be placed UNDER the original Speakers Spikes without removing and spikes ro loosen speaker Base.

please see link

Hope that the Footers based on the ceramic balls are compatible to ceramic floor …

Please see example.

Ceramic Disc Fat Foot :

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Doesn’t Focal have a recommendation?

Focal recommend Gaia1
But I’m not want to touch the expensive speakers.
That’s why I found an alternative:
Footer’s based on ceramic Balls. didn’t place them yet and still wonder. (very expensive)

U should do it its an easy job …just take ur time and u will b rewarded for it​:loud_sound::loud_sound::notes::notes:

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Why would spikes not work? I have spikes on a hard wood floor and the bass is excellent. Is it because the speakers have ports. My speakers have passive radiators, I’m also using the spikes with little brass disks under them.

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GOOD NEWS to all !

@ Stevelj244 …Adopted your advice.

Decided to add Gaia1 To my Focal Sopra 3.

Good news : NO NEED to touch / remove the Speaker’s Glass base.

The sleeve with internal screwing that’s hold the original spikes can EASELY REMOVED ( Fell down on the floor without touching )

So the spike now can be remove without touching / removing the Speaker’s Glass base at all !

Please see pic.