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Every part of my system uses pangea 9se including my DSD Sr. I think they sound great imo. They are stiff but remember counter intuitive to the ‘9se’ name the cable is actually 7 gauge wire.


I have gone through many power cords including some that are quite costly and have settled on Pangea 9SE MkII for my digital front end for their warmth, clarity, and smoothness. I used to have powered my whole system with theses Pangeas and was very happy with the results. Excellent power cords.


I didn’t have such great results with the 9SE and 14SE in my main system. They sounded hot in the upper registers and collapsed my sound stage. I was running Anticable Level 3.

I am also trying the BAV 10AWG between the wall and my P20 and I’d say it’s closer to my Anticable Level 3 in sound. I’m still evaluating them.

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Power cords can be used to balance your system. I find Pangeas are similar to Cardas Clear which I also tried and are pretty smooth in the upper midrange which digital sometimes get a little hot. I find the Pangeas are more forgiving in the upper frequencies compare with my WW Platinum Electras, NBS Omega Zeros, Acoustic Zen Absolutes, etc… Of course different system, different results. I find those last cables I mentioned work wonders with my analog system that has simply blew my sock off!!!


I don’t know anything about their power cords, but I do have the Anticable Level 3 speaker cables. They are bare solid wires with a coating of reddish enamel. They are also in my junk pile. Although they sound very clear and detailed, they also sounded a little crude and rough. My Transparent Audio Ultras and Cardas Clears was much more refined, nuanced, and natural sounding, sorry to say. But the Anticables are a lot more affordable.

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I haven’t tried their speaker cables, but I thought the are stranded. I have one of their RCA ICs and it’s a hybrid solid outer/stranded inner wire.

They look like a pair of #12 gauge solid copper wires twisted together. One for each leg. Here’s a picture.

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In all fairness, level 3 is Anticable’s more affordable line. Maybe their level 5 and 6 is much better and more in line of what I was comparing it to.

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Ahh, it looks like you have a previous generation speaker cable from them. Their nomenclature is misleading between speaker and power cables. Their Level 3 power cords are the highest Level power cords available today.

I have read that Pangea 9 to 9se is a noticeable jump in SQ, but how about from 9se to 9seMK2?

That’s right, 9 to 9SE is a considerable jump because the SE uses much more higher grade conductors. I have heard the 9’s. The SE MKII is much better!! It’s well worth the $75 increase in price for 2 meters.
9SE to 9SE MKII, I have not heard that much difference. I was using a mixture of both and I really didn’t notice one much better than the other.

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In a similar comparison…I purchased a Pangea AC14SE XL with more Cardas grade 1 copper which has increased shielding but lacks the silver plated shield that
the Pangea 14SE MkII does have…

The sound quality of the XL is thicker darker not quick and energetic or as detailed as the SE MkII with the silver plated shield. The AC14SE MKII is not bright yet presents
a better soundstage that XL…

Interestingly the XL is more expensive than the MKIIs. Yet underperforming
the less expensive MKIIs

Now if it were possible to draw a comparison…the 9SE does not have the silver
plated copper shield. The 9SE MkIIs have a silver plated copper shield and should be more dynamic with better soundstage presentation…Mine do…

Understanding this is with my system and very sensitive Focal Aria 948s and highly
subjective according to how I hear my system play.

Also not to forget ymmv. (your mileage may vary)…

Hopefully this helps to clarify potential differences between these cables.

Best wishes
Happy trails!

Forgot to say that the Pangea AC9SE MKIIs are 7 gauge cables.
Stiff yes they are, but to overcome get extra length to accomodate
getting around corners…

Davida, you are a load of information in describing the various differences in these outstanding cables. Thanks for helping in your experiences with these cables. Very enlightening!


Thank you for your kind words waymanchen.

This information is as a result of countless wonderful
hours of listening, fiddling, tweaking…listening and fiddle
with more tweaking and listening again…has for me
been a wonderful source of learning…

While writing my experiences the thought came to mind
regarding how to share my purely subjective in a useful manner.

As with all these sensory subjective findings …ymmv always applies.

Best wishes…
Happy trails everyone!!!



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