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I need a good power cable from wall to my Stellar P3 Power Regen. The BAV 10 and Pangea 9se mkii are in the same price range, which one would you recommend? Thanks

If you need flexibility then the BAV.

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I think the BAV10 is sold out currently until mid July. It sold faster than anticipated. I

I have both Pangea 9se, mk9 and Bav10’s. I feel the iec and wall connector are superior on the Bav. Sound wise they sound similar to me, but I am no expert… Bav is more flexible and I prefer to support small business’ (BJC and rower) who contribute here.

I am replacing all the pangeas and have 3 mk9’s available in the 1.5m at great deal if interested. Will have a 4th once the bav is back in stock.

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Please PM me how much you sell your Pangea cord. Thanks

I’ve done what @AlexD did: replaced my Pangea and several other much more expensive mains cables with BAV. I do think BAV are better made, but I will say it seems to me both ends of the Pangea grip the outlets on my Torus AVR2-20, the wall outlets, and the IEC jacks slightly more tightly than the BAV. The Pangea is a good entry-price cable. The BAV are an excellent audiophile cable with disclosed engineering and design theses, whose engineer and manufacturer are exceptionally forthcoming and supportive here.


Good news, Galen had been sitting on a small stash of 10AWG BAV cord used in his research and testing. He told me he was sending 90’ to the plant to help with the back orders. The cord left Ohio yesterday and should be in Seattle by the end of next week. It was very heavy as customers can attest so it went FedEx ground. We have backorders that will be filled first but there should be enough left to allow us to start filling regular orders. So, if you place your order online or contact me you will stand a very good chance of having your 10AWG very soon. We wish everyone a Happy and Safe 4th!


My order is in… happy bday for me!

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I must have had an ESP intuition. . . I placed an order Thursday night. :wink:


Lon you are good to go. Thank you.

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Happy B-Day Dr. A!

yay! I am on the backorder list for about 2 weeks.

(I do wish to change the length from 4 to 6.5 or 7ft, traded notes with Jeff the other day. Hope you can carve me off a slice of that 90 ft :slight_smile: )

Happy 4th Alex, got you covered. You are high on the backorder list so yours will be among the first to be assembled, tested and shipped. Thank you very much!


woohoo, thank you Bob.

Happy and safe 4th to you and yours!

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Great. Thanks.

I just placed order online. Thanks Bob.

I haven’t yet compared the BAV pcs to any Pangea that I have (most of mine ac14XL) but I have been playing around with them in my main system and subbing them for the PS Audio AC-12 that I use in that system.

The cables I have are settled in now and I’ve moved them about and given each configuration a few days to evaluate their performance there. Then I spent a week or more with my best configuration and am quite happy with the overall sound and will leave this loom in place for a while.

I determined that the AC-12 are best for the P15 and the DMP and the DSD. There’s just a top to bottom clarity. vitality and presence to the sound the BAV don’t quite deliver that I confess I am very comfortable with through years of listening and that I may be somewhat “addicted” to and don’t relish a change as much. But for my analog, tubed preamps the BAV 10 gauge sound very very good, subtly different and in a laidback, natural sounding way. A BAV 12 gauge is doing a really good job powering my Decware ZROCK2 EQ component as well. I am using slightly different gain settings and regenerator settings when either of the power cables is in use, which narrows the differences between the cables and allows me to tailor the sound in very pleasant ways.

I have two more 10 gauge on order, and will experiment with these on my Monoblock tube amplifiers when received. . . .


Just thought I would update the above with my now overall experience with the BAV Iconoclast power cables.

I bought five BAV cables to use in a nine cable system that previously was completely connected with PS Audio PerfectWave AC-12. Four of the BAV were 10 guage, one was 12 guage.

I played around with the BAV and AC-12 in various configurations: all digital one way or another, all analogue one way or the other, a mixture of cables in the system regardless of the digital or analogue nature of the components.

One solid conclusion from this experience: the two components most sensitive to power cabling in my system are the P15 and the DSD. The other components ARE sensitive to power cabling but to a lesser degree. In my system I found that the AC-12 gave me better results than the BAV in those components. By a considerable margin.

Perhaps the best combination for me was the AC-12 on the P15, DMP and DSD and BAV powering all my Decware pre-amplification and amplification components. This was just a bit less “exciting” than the opposite configuration (though that configuration was best with an AC-12 on the P15) though the opposite configuration may have had a slightly more “natural” sound. So I left the cabling that way for a while and let it all simmer in.

Then I decided to retun to an all AC-12 “loom” of power cables. And surprised myself by immediately relaxing into the sound and after a few days deciding that would stay put. Now I’ll admit that this is the way my components have been connected for years and it’s a familiar and habituated “sound.” But I prefer it and I have moved the BAV cabling into my headphone only bedroom system, where they sound quite nice. This system is less resolving and I generally hear less differences between power cabling though I DO hear differences. This is a solid state system with the exception of a tubed “buffer” preamp (the Decware ZBOX) and I’m really enjoying the sound as it now is.

So. . . I’m quite happy that I invested in the BAV power cords and they are an excellently assembled product that gives great results in the resulting sound, and are very well-priced for the quality and design. In time I’ll move them into my audio/visual living room system as an experiment. That system also is connected currently with PS Audio PerfectWave AC-12. It is in a larger room with a slightly higher powered tube amp and tubed preamplification and the source is slightly less resolving (Oppo UDP-205) and they may move that system in a very favorable direction.


Our ears and minds do “often” prefer the old, much like an old friend pair of shoes or jeans. But, we must go with what makes us happy. Thank you for your assessment.

Beyond my familiarity with the sound I have come to the conclusion that the AC-12 are superior cables, certainly at least for my systems. And they should be–the materials they are built from cost more as were their initial list price. And they are the result of careful designs. The BAV are very good cables in comparison, and a great bang for the buck. I’m enjoying them in the headphone system I’m using them with.