Pangea AC 9 MKII vs Audioenvy mega

I currently have a PANGEA AUDIO AC 9 MKII power cable. I bought a used P20 that is coming with the 20amp Audio Envy. Has anyone compared the two? I have many Pangea’s but never heard of the audio envy. I think I may start with the Pangea so I am only changing one thing in system (P10 to P20) and then let that sit for a bit. then swap cable to see what / if anything changes.

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I haven’t tried the Mega power cable. . . but it is built with OCC copper. OCC copper is da bomb. I’ve had the same Pangea cable . . . to me it didn’t compare to other power cables I have that are built with OCC copper.

Hey Brian…

My system has a full loom of Pangeas: 2 AC9SE MKIIs, 4

These are very revealing, dynamic and deliver the goods
no current limitation…they allow the dynamics of current to
flow as music demands.

Highly recomend the Pangea AC 9SE MKII and 14 SE MK II series…
these incorporate Cardas Grade 1 copper plus a copper silver
plated shield drain…

Hard to beat at their pricepoints…

Best wishes

I was just going to reply that they use " Cardas Grade One Copper and 99.99% purity OFC conductors for maximum conductivity"

OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) is the name given to the casting process developed to help defeat annealing issues and virtually eliminate all grain boundaries in copper or silver with a unique patented process .

So many different things. I think I will stick with my plan and change one thing at a time. I am getting the cable with the purchase… So I will have both.


Hey Brian…please give us your impessions when you
get these installed…


Best wishes

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I don’t believe that Cardas One and OCC are the same thing or extremely similar.

By all means try them both! And using the familiar cable will help you to evaluate the regenerator more easily.

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Here is a Cardas description of the Cardas Grade 1 copper:

Hope this helps…

Best wishes

Doesn’t help me much other than to solidify the idea they aren’t similar. I’ve heard Cardas “One” and I’ve liked OCC better in PS Audio, Decware cables et al. But each system is different, as are what we “like.” And it’s fun to compare (sometimes?)


I have a whole loom of Audio Envy cables in one system from IC’s to SC’s to PC’s and they have been the system for going on two years. Also have multiple Pangea PC’s in their boxes in a closet. To these ears the Audio Envy cables are superior. But do try them both and see what your ears hear.

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I’m currently auditioning a Pangea AC9SE XL. I got it mainly for my PerfectWave P3 regenerator because all I had were various 12ga cords and I wanted to see what a heavier gauge cord could do. It’s system dependent a lot with cables I know, and maybe with a power plant it depends on how much current is being drawn, but the 7ga Pangea had a negative effect on the P3 and also when I tried it on my Krell integrated.

My P3 isn’t very loaded as I’ve got the Krell in a HC outlet so my display usually reads between 50-60 so maybe a heavy gauge power cord needs more current to excel? Just a wild guess. For now I’ve got it on my Rythmic F12SE sub which has a pretty beefy amp and I need to swap back in one of the 12’s to make sure but the Pangea might have made a positive difference there, just on first listen.

The Pangea AC9 is more designed for heavier loads…
Might be better to go with the AC 14SE MKIIs

There may be a burn in process as well needing to take
place if it hasn’t already.

Hope it works out for you.

Best wishes

Does it get heavier than P20 running all my components including Rythmik sub? (BHK 250/Pre/DAC/Streamer/JL CR1)

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Well I feel stupid. I just realized that the end plug is different for the 20amp side. I had a krell amp that had that… Guess I will be using the Audio Envy right away. I do have 2 20amp dedicated circuits on that wall.

One way is add up all the wattages each piece uses
at idle and what it is rated to use at max output…
that can give an idea seeing the range of possible
consumption levels…but I really can’t say re your

Know the feeling all too well…just don’t beat yourself
up over that…just know you are well on your way to
new heights of music enjoyment…

Best wishes

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