Beginner Turntable


Sounds like a good plan. The Planar 3 will serve you well for many years to come and will let your enjoy your LPs with minimal fuss.

I’d love to hear your thoughts once you pick up a turntable!


I know people tend to hate on ebay quite a bit. The devil’s advocate in me would like to remind people that ebay does come with an extra layer of buyer protection that you aren’t going to find when buying from someone on a forum. Yes, using paypal helps but ebay will almost always favor on the side of the buyer if there is an issue with an order. They do this because of all the flak they’ve gotten over the years. Selling on ebay can be tough if damage occurs in shipment or if the buyer tries to scam you and claim there’s an issue when there really isn’t. Some people know how ebay has changed over the years and take advantage of it. I was burned once selling an amplifier on ebay. I ended up giving the buyer a few hundred dollars once because he claimed there were scratches on the amp not listed in the auction. He was lying trying to take advantage of me knowing he could just return the amp if I didn’t agree to a partial refund. I didnt want to risk shipping damage on the return journey if he was to return it. So he forced my hand…


Any recommendation on preamp to use? I am thinking of schiit saga as I’ve used one before and find it to be very transparent, both the passive and tube buffer stage. I probaly won’t be getting BHK any time soon.

I don’t mind using single ended for now until BHK Pre, likely end of this year.


If you have used a schiit saga before and you like it I say go for it.


Either the Saga or Freya, which is the one I almost bought right before the Stellar GCD.


Well logic and budget went out the window. Rega P6 and Fono MC is on their way to me along with Schiit Saga with LISST tube


Well… that really is a beginner table for the rest of your gear :smirk:



Yup with Ania cartridge


Any of you heard the EAT C-major or E-Flat turntables? Or, the Techniques 1200G? Looking at table in this range.


I only read about the Technics 1200G a bit, but it’s more expensive than I wanted to spend on a TT now. My research tells me that the Technics and VPI Prime Scout both are “better” than the Rega Planar 6, but the Rega simplicity and lower cost seems to be better suited for me as the intro to vinyl.

Any recommendation on a good brush to buy? How big a deal is wet cleaning? And should I clean the records before playing?

Thanks for the inputs


I demoed the Rega P3 a while back. I wanted to like it. I had watched a compelling factory tour that Michael Fremer videotaped. Seemed like a really great company—like PSA. However, the sound did not grab me. I’m sure the P6 takes the sound to another level.

I’m no expert on cleaning. There are definitely some OCD types that have gone deep into this rabbit hole. You want to clean before playing. Don’t expose your needle to the grime.

Page from Analog Planet on cleaning:


Thanks, I think after some years into the hobby we all can appreciate that it is very subjective and we can only gather so much from the internet. I am hoping the P6 would meet my listening prefreneces.

Make sense to me to brush the record every time before playing, but what about wet wash them fresh out of the box before playing? What is an acceptable practice without going deep into OCD rabbit hole?