Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling

Cool! So are these the “5’s” - e.g. approx. $300 US per 5’?

Hey BB

They are the 5’s…7.5 awg …really flexible and well made. I got a really good price for a package of 10 cables. He ran an aggressive add on Canuck audiogon and got my business. Around $200 / cable with a variety of 3’…5’& 10’.

Answered all my questions, really good packaging, custom lengths…

Very cool.

How are the connectors? I’m looking for a pair of power cables for my Dutch & Dutch 8cs. They need to be 8’-10’ and flexible. They also need to stay connected to the 8cs elevated on their stands.

The connectors are beautiful to look at , a bit on the long side 3”? yet to measure one but I got all of mine into tight spots. . Typical 3 prong plug…very stiff prongs. The coupling factor will be determined by your kit.

The cable itself is amazingly flexible and supple, but heavy….may need a bit of support here and there. Cheers Simon

They’re Furutech. Good stuff. But assuming the 8c’s are IEC inlets, it is about fit as well as cable weight/leverage.

Yeah, They’re IEC. I am using the stock cords for now and am looking to upgrade. I have to pull power from a central P5 to the two speakers with integrated DAC and amps. They do sound quite good though as they are.

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I thought mine sounded ok too. Then Windom came along…I am running a P5 to stellar M700 ,Pre , Dacjr, and DMP,.
The P10 is running the BHK 250 and G2 REL subs. I just replace economy 10 awg PC with the 5’s and i am experiencing another drop in noise floor and distortion similar to Windom but even more Dynamics and depth…Sorry to spout on but i am excited. I can also see the effeciency of the power. Can turn it up louder now cause it’s so smooth and using less poewr. Loads dropped about 10% on the P10and about 3-5on the P5

You may have noticed that I have been hanging back for some time. And, I hate to be a pooper but… how is any of this for at least the past week been associated with “Iconoclast” by Belden? Isn’t there a power cable thread somewhere? Just saying.

It’s fine for folks to buy and share accolades about Canadian cables or Chinese cables or Iranian cables. But, I’m not sure if this is the most appropriate venue or thread for this discussion. Please too, understand that we are the first to encourage comparisons with Iconoclast/Belden/BJC products to anyone else but at present, we don’t have a horse in the race with PC’s. I “feel” highjacked.

It has been positively amazing to me that this thread has gone on now for several years and has stayed largely on track though sometimes heated for >2000k posts. We are so very grateful to PS Audio and our hosts and to our supporters, customers and even those who might not have found our cables the right match for their system, room or taste. At the same time, I sincerely hope that neither Galen or I have in some way angered anyone by suggesting that subjective consideration or feelings about power cables are not valid.

Though Galen is without question a lifelong dedicated audiophile he is first a scientist and sticks to the Belden gospel, “if you can’t prove it with measurements, don’t claim it.” He does somehow tread although not always lightly, between objective and subjective camps. Please understand. Our customers and those who enjoy what Iconoclast brings to the table are rightfully, fiercely loyal and will probably never look at another cable again. Their search, for cables, like mine is over!

On a now probably obvious note, we are actively and diligently working to do what we do best, develop and produce a Belden, “made in USA,” power cable/cord that “measures” and electrically performs as well as/outperforms the $1k+ highly regarded power cables that we are using for comparison.

We now “have that” portion done (10/12/14 AWG,) for a “value priced” BAV/BJC branded product that will simply smoke much higher priced power cords. We are however, struggling to find the right connectors. Try if you will to find a made in the USA IEC/power connector! Please don’t make me go to China!! Even products that we find that appear to come from manufacturers in Europe, Japan and other US friendly countries can be deceiving.

It’s really, really hard when you look behind the curtain to always determine where things are produced. It is also difficult when there is so much private/OEM component branding from a manufacturer who then protects that brand by not offering a nice product to another guy. As everyone should know, we don’t mass produce boat loads of inexpensive plastic molded, bling enhanced, wolf urine sprinkled products with crafty marketing enhanced embellishments. The BJC/Iconoclast team “really does” want to bring crazy high quality, performance and value to the plate. We will keep looking and testing and testing some more.

Stay tuned and leave a place in your system to try a really good power cable at a really good price.



Ain’t that the truth. I was looking for a high quality duplex GFCI for an outdoor project I have going. I bought top of the line Leviton industrial weather resistant model just knowing that an industrial GFCI in that price range sold by a world class company would surely not be made in a 3rd world country buy I was wrong. Made in China. Very disappointing. I probably would have accepted made in Mexico but some of that stuff in just boxed in Mexico but manufactured in China or worse. Due diligence is not always rewarded but still necessary.

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Just checking- avoiding Chinese made for quality or political reasons, or both?

It has always been policy and a tradition at both Belden and at BJC to build, buy and use products originating in the USA. This supports our country and our people. Go into a Home Depot, Lowes or WalMart and find something made in America. And yes, we are not usually impressed with Chinese goods from a quality prospective. Not to be political but the Chinese knock off and counterfeit and significant number of brands and products. Not good for anyone but China.

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Yeah fair enough gotta agree there - same problem in UK I’m afraid

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Seems Iconoclast cable posts have cooled a bit. If you are like me you have been inundated with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and piles of internet, email and print mail advertisements for the “super sales” that follow Thanksgiving and extend through the Christmas Holidays. Though I did my best not to spend piles of money I did fall prey to a few deals including buying Galens PS Audio P-10 as he upgraded to a P-20 to go along with his new T+A, Solitaire CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition speakers. After a frustrating couple of weeks the crates from Germany finally arrived at his home yesterday and I have not heard a peep out of him since! These will be used to in the further development of Iconoclast products. At least that is the excuse I was given for the purchase of a most special pair of speakers! I’m not sure Nancy believed him on that one either… On an interesting side note, David Schultz the North American sales manager at T+A uses Iconoclast cables in their sales and training center in ST. Mary’s, GA.

Not to be outdone, and a “first” for Iconoclast, we are announcing an opportunity/sale/special offer on “previously auditioned” speaker cables and interconnects. I asked Jeff at the plant to prepare an Excel file of what we have accumulated. The file shows nearly 60-pairs total, of all types and copper variants. Each pair has been tested and repackaged. I also asked that Jeff provide any comments from the inspections with regard to the condition of each pair. A 20% discount is available on all cables that have no cosmetic issues while a 25% discount will be provided where connectors have some indication of possible scuffs or scratches on the rhodium plated connectors. XLR cables usually have no indication of use while both RCA and speaker cables can exhibit some rub on the connectors. We would never offer any cable that did not perform at 100% performance levels. The same return privileges apply as though they were new. This opportunity extends through December 24. Since cables are somewhat limited, the most variety is available now. Those interested are encouraged to act soon. Make sure that all of the holiday music that you will listen to sounds the very best possible!

As most customers will attest, I usually ask that when they first auditioned cables, that they try at least 2-copper variants for comparisons and then choose to return all or keep what they liked and return the other. Any returned products might then be used on the next customers audition order. However, the vast majority of our offering is for cables that have been out only a single time.

For those who are interested, please email me at or give me a call at 850-860-0940 to discuss what you might like to try.

All of us at BJC wish everyone (our hosts, our moderators, customers and our friends) a very safe and happy Holiday and Christmas season and all of the very best for 2020!

Bob at BJC


Yes everyone, I have changed my reference “speaker” to the T+A Solitaire CWT 1000-40 anniversary carbon edition (LONG name!) speaker.

I have been using the martin Logan CLX and Dyn Audio C4 signatures for eveluations but grew weary of moving them all the time. The CLX excel mids (better here) on up, the C4 mids on down (better here).

The 1000-40 is an unusual speaker, and probably not at all what USA buyers are used to seeing in the market. It is a hybrid design that uses an line-array electrostsatic panel, eight line array md bass couplers and four smaller woofers opposed to one another, two on each SIDE of the cabinet.

The sound? Fantastic. They excel everywhere with the possible exception to 20 Hz bass (not big enough). But for 99.9% of music they are terrific at what the C4 and CLX have done but even better and in ONE speaker.

The speakers tolerances for things is outstanding (this will drive most people nuts!). My phono cartridges (SIMIKO Blackbird and Benz Micro Ruby Z) stand out from each other far more than I could hear before, for instance. The speakers SPEED tracks the input far better than anything 've heard, and in a tolerable sized package that weigths “only” 176 pounds! I have to be able to get them into my basement studio and even then, I’d STILL pick this speaker for how fantastic it sounds.

This speaker won’t satisfy a lot of peole as it is way away from the mainstream sound. It is NOT in any way rolled off to tansients anywhere in the frequency range. The DESIGN assures you of that. It is dynamically accurate to a fault of your source material big time. The variation of my sources quality has GROWN substantially with this speaker…and that points to better accuracy. To me speed, slew rate if you will, is utmost importnt in a speaker. yes, the steady state response needs to be flat, too but if I’m paying $$$ I better get crazy good dynamic speed EVERYWHERE, too.

The 1000-40 are a passive design so I can better hear the INPUT verses the DSP electronics in many speakers as best I can. This is debatable in actual accuracy of “distortions”, I agree. I went with a more simplified path, as though any modern speaker is simple. Yes, they are bi-wired to the amp.

I’ve shifted to the P20 on a 20 amp circuit from my P10 to keep up with the art, and changed my speakers as well to keep better “in tune” with capability. The P20 is loafing at 24% duty cycle at full honk (90 dB SPL peaks) and has a full 3600 VA headroom at that steady state draw, more than the wall socket, for power supply transparent IC and speaker cable evaluations.

How does the current set-up sound? Terrific. I use SPTPC speaker cable bi-wire wth UP OCC IC RCA and XLR throughout as the reference right now.

Since I have to buy this equipment with my own dollars, I’m really picky about what it is and how it works within a price point, so rest assured I use what I think is very good, not because a vendor or manufacturer gave it to me. I pick my reference system components myself based on how they perform, not the vendor’s or manufacturer’s politics.

Happy Holidays all. My house will be filled with some speakers breaking-in! Loreena McKennitt Christmas carols!

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Be sure to bring a substantial butt cushion/stadium seat. Those slabs are haaard.
Also a gas mask if you’re not 420-friendly (depending on the show) :grin: