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Good Morning All, as “downtheline” referred to, this is the time, that last year we introduced a sale on “previously auditioned” cables offering a 25% discount. Actually, that sale never ended and is a permanent part of our offering.

Many times customers will audition more than 1-variant of copper not wanting to question whether or not they made the right decision or choice for what works best with their components, speakers or room. When this happens (quite often,) 2-go out and 1-comes back. We also have a liberal 1-year “trade up” policy allowing customers who make a purchase (within cable genre) to move up the chain receiving 100% of the money they paid to make a purchase of a like cable in a more expensive copper variant. So, their previously used cables come back. The same sometimes applies to cables sent for evaluation or review purposes.

All of these cables that come back to our Seattle plant are thoroughly inspected, tested and repackaged as “previously auditioned” cables. Many times you would never know they had ever been connected before. These cables are discounted as previously mentioned at 25% off and carry the same 30-day return option if for any reason, you do not love the cables and wish to keep them.

At the start of last years sale, we had nearly 100-pairs of cables. They were quickly depleted but during the year, cables come and go allowing a great opportunity to purchase a perfectly great set of cables at an even better price than for a new pair. SPTPC and UPOCC cables are exceeding rare.

If anyone is interested in this type of opportunity, please email me personally at I am happy to see what we have that might interest you.

I/we at BJC and Iconoclast wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday season.

All the best!!



Iconoclast Review in Process

I am permitted at this point to announce that Douglas Schroeder of is performing a very extensive review of both BAV and Iconoclast cables. For those of you who are not acquainted with Pastor Doug, he is hands down one the “White Hats” in our industry. By that I am referring to one who possesses immense integrity, calls the shots precisely as he sees them and is in absolutely no way rewarded financially or otherwise for his review of equipment.

By “White Hats” I am dating myself by referring to the commonly known practice (in the old days,) in western shows and movies, of always identifying the good guys from the bad guys by what color hats they wore. Well, the “good guys” always wore a white hat while the bad guys usually wore black. If Douglas Schroeder was the star in an old western, he would without question, wear a white hat.

Doug has a prolific vocabulary and a beautiful writing style unique I believe in the industry. In his latest review (November,) far down on the 2nd page he makes mention of Iconoclast and what may be to come. I don’t know what he will say about Iconoclast but I am betting that he will love them. Doug believes that in a proper review of any component, speaker or cable that it is absolutely necessary to use that component, speaker or cable in a variety of system configurations to make a proper assessment. He must have a huge home because I know the magnitude and number of systems that he builds and assesses in a detailed and thorough manner. Either that, or he must be really strong to move gear in an out to set these systems up. Never, have I seen an audio reviewer who completes his or her tasks in such a thorough manner.

I sure wish there were more Doug Schroeders in our hobby and industry. If you would like to take a look at Doug’s latest review, you can use this link.

And to learn a bit more about Doug, here is a short profile.

When you are ready to try the very best audio cables on the planet, get in touch. You will learn what your audio system and recordings “really” sound like. As always, I wish everyone the very best!!


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Bob, ‘White Hats’ term is still widely used in the security industry as ethical hackers that help find and fix vulnerabilities.

Thanks for posting the links. I recently upgraded from TPC to SPTPC (TPC are up for sale) and couldn’t be happier. When I originally auditioned the different versions my system was not up to resolving the differences and I didn’t appreciate them at the time. 2 years later and am happy to say the SP is really a crowning touch to my system.

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Thank you very much Brett! Put those TPC’s on the for sale section of this community forum. I bet they sell very quickly…

Thanks, yep, been posted there a week. Slow time with holiday spending perhaps. I’m sure they’ll go to a good home at some point.

Be well

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