Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling


Brett66 provided some information, but Galen has more technical information which he has promised to post in the past. To date I have not found it, though I would suspect Galen would e-mail to you if you asked. Based on the responses above from Kurt (from BJC) the information will be posted on the BJC site soon. For whatever reason Belden has not handled the marketing and distribution of the Iconoclast products very well. I trust BJC will correct this. I’ve bought several items from BJC and am quite happy with them.


I’ve read it but don’t have enough electrical theory doctorates to glean much.

I’m a fan of specs but there is much still not understood well, in general, in the Universe.


Galen did a nice series of articles in Copper Magazine in issues 48, 49, 50, 51, 54, 55 and 56 on the Iconoclast cables and their design. In them, he discusses what is important in audio cable design and why, and how his designs help optimize the various factors. Some of it is technical and some of it is more understandable for those who aren’t engineers. If you are interested in the Iconoclast cables, I would recommend reading these articles.

For those who are new to the forum, Copper Magazine is published by PS Audio with a new issue every two weeks. Just click on Copper Magazine are the top of this page. You can either read it online, or download each issue as a PDF file for reading later offline.


Mine arrive Wed. Thanks BJC @KurtBJC for the very quick termination and ship. 7’ perfect.


Good Morning SSW, please update my contact information. I have remained silent on this forum since leaving Belden on July 20. I was waiting until Kurt at BJC completed the legalities on the Iconoclast trademark and pricing could be established. This is all coming together nicely now. My contact is as follows,

Bob Howard, Blue Jeans Cable

I look forward to being a contributor and to helping members of the forum who are interested in Iconoclast. Thank you for helping me get the information up.



Good morning and greetings to all. I am pleased to announce that I am the outside sales representative for Blue Jeans Cable on the Iconoclast brand of cables and interconnects. Galen and I have been working together for nearly 2-years. I have also known and worked with Kurt and BJC for the last few years. I cannot say enough good things about Belden or BJC! I was blessed to have spent 12-years serving in various roles with the company. I served in 3-different divisions with a number of job titles including Director of Sales, Director of Sales Engineering and National Accounts Manager. Working with Enterprise, I supported the broadcast and AV segments inclusive of the distribution channel and with integrators across the country. From football stadiums, NASCAR tracks, the US Capitol, Amazon and eBay, we wired the world. I spent most of the time on airplanes and waking up in places other than home. These years were some of the best in my lengthy career. It was here that I met 2 of the smartest engineers I have ever known. Galen Gareis and Steve Lampen are truly amazing and it has been an honor to work with both.

For over 115-Years Belden excelled at manufacturing and providing incredible products through both enterprise and industrial distribution channels. With Iconoclast however, the company fell all over itself trying to serve a market and a customer they did not understand. The ship is so big that making a quick change or even adding a new part number because someone wants a non-standard length required weeks of time with a dozen individuals touching the process. Even now we are dragging because of the Belden system. We will prevail! We have cable and can ship product.

My love of audio began in 1962 when my dad at Christmas, gave me a Westinghouse portable turntable with detachable speakers. I spent a good portion of my allowance on 45’s and felt that I had my own personal juke box. While stationed at Rhein Main in Frankfurt, Germany I spent many off-duty hours at the Wiesbaden Audio Club where service members from all branches could purchase discounted AV gear through the Exchange. In 1975 I took a $2,500 loan from the credit union and purchased my first what I considered “high-end” system. This was a lot of money at the time especially considering I was making about $340 a month. I truly loved and enjoyed a Marantz 4400 quad receiver, 6300 turntable, HD88 speakers and an Akai 4-channel real-to-reel.

In 1988 my wife Susie and I opened a small brick and mortar stereo shop in the Orlando area of Casselberry, FL. Originally called the Sight & Sound Depot we grew and remained in business for nearly 12-years. I later sold the business and became the National Sales Manager and eventually Vice President for Legacy Audio an Illinois based speaker manufacturer lead by Bill Dudleston. I loved Legacy and remained for 6-years before shifting gears and moving to Belden. I still listen to my Legacy Whispers each week and now with Iconoclast speaker cables and interconnects I am in heaven!

I am grateful to Kurt at BJC for a job and for the opportunity to continue to support what is truly one of the most remarkable cable products on the planet. Kurt’s business model, knowledge, work ethic, level of service and commitment to his employees is unequalled. And, I still get to go play every day. I am so blessed to “have fun” rather than “go to work.” Best of all, our pricing has been restructured making Iconoclast hands down, the best value in cables!

Stay with us while we build an “actual” website so worthy to Iconoclast. Spend some time on the BJC site looking at the variety of incredible cable assemblies available many using American made Belden wire. Enjoy the wealth of information available on HDMI and other assemblies. There is no bling and there is no snake oil. We do not make claims that we can’t back with science.

Deal inquiries are encouraged from those who are willing to provide a superior level of service.

Along with Kurt and with Galen, I am here to help. If you would like to audition cables, make a purchase, have questions or would like to discuss Iconoclast please reach out to me directly. I hope to share my personal experience with Iconoclast and some of the thoughts and comments I received from customers and beta testers.

I will be covering the phones from 8 AM EST through 5PM EST at 850-860-0940.

After 5 PM EST, please call BJC at 206-284-2924. Ask for Kurt or Andrew.

My email is

Galen’s email is

Thank you!

Bob Howard, BJC


At last!

Welcome to the forum, Bob!


Thank you!!


Hi Bob,

Do you know when BJC will have the Gen 2 wire for interconnects?


Soon, very soon on TPC and OFE (weeks.) A while on UPOCC. This copper is very hard to get with crazy lead times. The military and space industries are consuming the vast majority of what comes up. We are ordering product. Belden buys ingots and produces the cable. I might be able to squeak one or 2 Gen 2, 4 x 4, XLR’s out of a sample run. I have a pair as a BETA tester. Wow are they good! I will take orders on Gen 2 products today and ship them when I can. Feel free to give me a call.


Thanks, I’ve got speaker cables on the way and will wait for the balanced interconnects to become available and my play money to recover :wink:


Understood completely! Enjoy the speaker leads! The best place to start…


Welcome to the forum BobBJC! I love my Iconoclasts and am delighted to see them finally getting a proper marketing channel.

Any chance you can share pricing on balanced Gen2 cables? I’m not ready to pull the trigger but I’m trying to figure out what my priorities should be and how much I need to save up between cables and new PSA products.


Steve, the Iconoclast speaker cable (to me) was the equivalent of getting a new DAC: the soundstange of secondary instruments was well defined with the Iconoclast where it wasn’t before (I heard the instrument, but I couldn’t pinpoint it on the soundstage. Now I can.)


I have the Iconoclast TPC speaker cables and Gen1 XLRs (DS DAC to BHK Pre to BHK 250). The improvements were easily discernable. I need one more set for my phono stage, although if I get a Gen2 I may put that between two of the other components (not sure which would be best so would have to try both) and move the Gen1 to the less-used phono.


Are the speaker cables directional?

I just received them but see any markings that indication amp/speaker end.



From what I’ve read in the Copper Magazine articles about the Iconoclast, the cables are not manufactured or advertised to be directional but Galen wrote it does not hurt to try them both ways to see if there is any discernible difference.


Hi Steve, we are waiting on Belden (I know) for a quote before we finalize pricing. It is not expected to be significantly higher than the Gen 1 products. I have a pair of 4X4 XLR’s…WOW! Start saving my friend.


This is the absolute truth. I have not discerned a difference with direction and I have played with it on both speaker and interconnects.


I would think that since Galen put so much energy into designing the ultimate cables, he would have marked direction if that mattered.