Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling

More Good News, we did in fact, receive new Gen 2, 4x4 bulk cable in TPC yesterday and will begin filling orders immediately. I will be reaching out to some of you who placed orders later today to confirm lengths and shipping information. I want to thank everyone for their patience. The Gen 2, 1x4, RCA cables are next and late in the first quarter we should have some UPOCC material. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


I have an 18ft run from my BHK Pre to 300 monob locks. Currently using either Mogami 2534 or Belden 1800f XLR cables. What difference could I expect from upgrading to Iconoclast Gen 2 XLR? Thx as always

Good Morning, rather than me telling you that you would experience significant improvements in coherence, detail, depth and clarity, watch over the next few days as those who just received their cables post their experiences. I have received 4-5 phone calls and emails from several customers who simply can’t believe just how much of a difference it made. These so far are from those who listened to the OFE variant, 4x4 XLR. Next week, customers will begin receiving the TPC variant. I hope everyone has a safe Happy New Year and wish everyone the best for 2019!

I second Bob’s comments and I’ve just gotta say that the best way to find out is to demo a pair. Your only risk is that you will probably keep the Iconoclast.

I like and use a lot of Mogami 2534 in my studio and for on location recording. It is excellent cable and wonderfully affordable.

Iconoclast however leaves it in the dust. The clarity of this cable is stunning.

Iconoclast is the only cable I have heard which makes a component level improvement and is worth what it costs.

Do you happen to recall how long it took to break the cables in?


Galen, what is the approximate acceptable minimum bend radius of the Gen 2 XLR cable?

Do you recommend, or does BJC have a 90 deg Neutrik connector in lieu of the straight?

They sound great immediately.

Beyond this, I am insufficiently anal to keep track of break-in changes/hours. I am too busy listening to music.


I’ll second Elk’s statement - with the earlier ICONOCLAST cables I felt that they needed a lot of break-in, but the Gen 2 sounded great instantly and if there was any break-in, I never wished for it or noticed it.

They do sound good right from the get go, and even better after 48 hrs. At around 60 hrs I noticed they kind of regress a little, but this is nomal cable break-in behavior. I’m feeling pretty positive about their potential, but I do want to give them more time to settle in, before reaching any conclusions.

Hi Bob - Is there also a Gen 2 speaker cable planned or will the Gen 1’s be the way to go for the near future?

I never wish for break-in, in fact I wish it wasn’t a real phenomena, but it is.

I am finding polarity is more distinct with iconoclast XLR.

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Wow! Can’t wait although I remain somewhat skeptical----but hopeful.

No Gen 2 speaker leads in the works. The SPTPC are my favorite and simply stunning.

Remember to re-evaluate speaker position, toe-in, and bass levels. I have turned down my subs in my Triton3+ towers with the XLRs.

After speaker cables, I had to completely ‘re-calibrate’ my subs but oh boy they are so much better! I’m adding interconnects next week but then will be gone for ~300 hours and will let the system play, why not. It plays nearly all the time when I’m home.

Reminder to self: Put in some old tubes

This has been discussed elsewhere, but you leave your tube amp on when you’re out?

I will for the time I’m away but typically no, hence the reminder to put in some old, stock tubes and save the hours on the good ones.

I respect your opinions- OFE XLRs ordered. Extremely happy so far with my TPC speaker cables!