Best affordable fuses that SOUND better

I know that the SR fuses, especially the Orange is widely acclaimed to actually improve the sound quality after the mandatory burn-in time.
However it’s still a lot of money for a fuse, an amount I’d spend at max, so please do suggest good fuses around and under this price range.

Describe in detail how a certain fuse has changed your amplifier’s, DAC’s or other component’s sound.


I use the HiFi tuning Supremes, about $75 each. I use them on the rails on my BHK250 and the DSDAC, and use the SR Black on the main power for my P10 and BHK 250 amp/preamp.

So you can mix 'n match and save some $$$ and still get good performance.



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Care to know if those are sold in Europe?

I’d hope so! They are made in Germany. :slight_smile:

UK site:

Well this is just great, now I can replace the fuse on my amp, DAC and even my CD/cassette player under the cost of an SR Orange!

Go over to Analogue Seduction in the UK for HiFI Tuning Supremes. I use them on my rails in my BHK 300’s from there.

Could you guys give a bit of a description of the “characteristic sound” of those Supreme fuses, assuming you’ve heard enough other fuses to compare… Or just describe the stock -> Supreme audible change.

I’m not sure how wide the margin for audible improvement is with fuses, but then again people are comparing different sockets’ audible changes… Everything matters so much.

In my case new fuses cleaned the sound (grain on highs), improved bass and impulse response (tighter and deeper bass, faster impulse) and finally better separation - mainly when two or more tones are playing at the same time i was able to better distinguish each one)

I have started with hifi tuning supremes few years back, then briefly tried AHP (only in DAC) , but ended with Audio Magic Beeswax - most expensive, but this was again clear improvement over hifituning supremes.

Important remarks:

  • overall impact on sound in my system was like 5-10%
  • you need to have resolving system to appreciate fuse change
  • these audio fuses are actually directive and one must try both directions to find out best for his scenario

Also i have recently replaced standard breaker for fuse box with 16A beeswax fuse - this made again nice improvement, mainly in bass+midbass tightness and dynamics , but also other attributes i’ve described above, just with smaller impact. I need to note that whole audio chain is powered by P10.

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Well, damn, there’s so much to take into account that could be improved, and it does get very expensive. But good to know fuses make such huge differences, even (of course) at the breaker panel… Logical, maybe I should start from right where the electricity originates in the house. And with a dedicated line. For a start…

@arenith unfortunately i can’t say how it would sounded if i’d replace the breaker fuse first and only then all the components.
But from the price perspective the replacement of breaker fuse costed me about 400eur , while when you upgrade each fuse in component it’s fuse_price multiplied by components… :slight_smile:

If I was to purchase the Supreme fuses such that I had one for every component that needs one and the breaker panel, that’d be only just over 200€. Then again, I wonder if I’d be happy with it forever… How would you compare the Supremes to the Beeswax?

if i recall correctly, the improvements of both supremes and beeswax have been of very similar nature, just the beeswax had more of it :slight_smile:

I just bought a Synergisitc Blue from The Cable Co. at $88. My little Decware amp definitely sounds better across seemingly all frequencies.


Here you go…my lil ole .02



So I received my SR orange fuses on 9-3-20 from …great service thanks to Chris VenHaus

My fuses have been burning in or “sauteeing” since then.
Equipment powered most of the time…and using the Chesky
equipment and cable burn in track on repeat.

So finally now the “oranges are cooked” :grinning:…and have
turned the proverbial corner…and wow…

The increase in “black space” instrumental separation with vocals
well delineated is way much better. Back up choir vocals appear as though layered on risers well beyond the 8’ wall behind my Aria 948s. Out of nowhere crisp clear images with richness…no sterile qualities here.

The Orange fuses add and improve on the blues by quite a bit (my .02)
with “body” that the blues only suggested.

In the overall it is as if I had upgraded every component significantly.
However your mileage may vary (ymmv).

I would venture to say that without a PS A regenerator much of these
improvements may not occur as it has with my system. Thusly
because not all have PS A regenerators results will likely fall
short of my results…Clean power is the foundation for good

Would my system with the PS A Quintessence have yielded as much?
It made a great improvement yes…but not on the level of my P5
which later traded in for a P12…The P5 took my system to new heights,
and the P12 much further still…

Then came the Oranges…

So for me in sq here is my experience with the following fuses

I started with HiFi Tuning Supremes on my amp and P12…impressive results.
Then came the SR Blues a lot more detail.
Finally the SR Orange fuses…tops them all in every area…

Again ymmv…

Hope this helps shed some light on the topic…
Happy tweaking all

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At some point you will just have to give it a go…
but as I stated earlier in my my previous reply…

Your results will vary…particularly if you don’t have either
a top notch LC or a PS A regenerator.

I also touched on this in my previous post.

The biggest and most immediate results for me was acquiring
a PS A regenerator…

Next was the HiFi Tuning Supreme fuse on my power amp…
big improvement…read my previous post…

Somewhere along the line you will just need to try for your self!

Happy tweaking

Thanks for your (more than) .02

I trust you in that the SR Orange is significantly better than the Supremes, (I trust you in that regard especially since you have a regenerator, I understand that comparing fuses requires clean AC)
I think I’ll slowly go through my fuses replacing them with Oranges as time goes and money flows. No hurry, no hurry…

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Slow deliberate feeling sorting your way through. That is the best approach…

Try to take advantage of specials when they arise…
Specials are just about how built my system…

The hardest part is doing the unthinkable…buy gear unheard
in b&m stores for the lack of these…had to rely on reviews and
sifting reading through in the light of my then equipment…

The amazing thing is how well my system has come together…
Burning in the equipment is probably the hardest stage of all
to endure …However the outcome is wonderful without a doubt.

As I view the pictures in the customer’s systems
my system though pricey for me; very humble in comparison…
yet awesome for me in what it does for me

Happy tweaking and discovery…

Ahhh, another fool that uses audiophile fuses on regenerators! It makes no sense, but they do wonders for my P# and P12. Theoretically they shouldn’t work, but they do, much to the chagrin of my bank account.

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So how does that make us all of us fools? :innocent:

It doesn’t in our eyes, just in the eyes of those who love us. That fuse could have bought a great pair of shoes for your significant other!!!