Synergistic Research ORANGE Quantum Fuse Vs Blue Fuse

Has anyone compared the Synergistic Research ORANGE Quantum Fuse with their Blue Fuse?

I just recently switched out my BLUE for an ORANGE in my PASS 30.8. After 100 hours, I was going to send it back. It sounded absolutely horrible, but the guy at The Cable Co. told me to give it the full 300 hours. I did and I’m glad I listened to him. It is a substantial upgrade from the BLUE. Between the 200 mark and the 300 mark, it was improving each day. At around 500, I switched back to the BLUE and let it run for 100 or so. Still very good, but “flat” compared to the ORANGE. Just across the board flat. I like the ORANGE and will be keeping it.

@flip49er Thanks so much for the reply.

I replaced 5 blue fuses in my system with orange after trying the orange in two locations. The improvement in sonics is remarkable…everything Synergistics claims.

@Jack65 are there particular locations with better results for an incremental upgrade approach (from oem fuses) or are all locations equally additive? I just put an SR Orange in my SET amp with excellent improvement in note decay and dynamics (both micro - ambiance and macro - percussive slam).

Thanks Jack! :sunglasses:

Hi Buzz…for me it was my PS Audio BHK Pre Amp followed by the BHK 300’s although I only did the mains so far.

Thanks @audiophilehi, has anyone tried SR Orange in the DirectStream Sr?

Looks like the SR Orange is the real deal. VH Audio has a special gong on right now. 3 for the price of 2, so I thought I would try a few, but I bought 3 for places where I have the HI Fi Supreme’s in place so I cannot compare them the Blues. I put them in my server which uses 2 2A fuses and the Sbooster which uses a 630mA fuse in place of the Supremes. Well, holy moly!!!, these Oranges sounds good. Images are more distinct and textures are more complex. I had the Blues in my servers before both of them blew for some reason. That’s why the Supreme that I had spare is in there now. I was afraid if I bought Blues to replace the blown ones, it would blow again. I’m taking a chance with these Oranges. They didn’t take much breaking in at all, nice right out of the box. I don’t think there is as much difference between the Blues and the Supremes.

Guys, all of this sounds precisely like that furor the occurred when the Reds replaced the SR20 and the Black replaced the Reds and the Blues replaced the Blacks…$ee the pattern.

I’ve had a Black pop for no good reason. Have a Blue (used from someone upgrading to Orange) that does sound nice. Also a used Beeswax UHD in the DS that is the bees knees (couldn’t help it).

Yes, tried it first in my DMP and DirectStream Sr, liked it so much, put one in my phono, pre and power amps

Which sizes etc do you recommend for the BHK Pre and the DSD Snr? I’ve never opened them up and have no idea about this kind of stuff.

The Pre is 2 amp 5 x 20 slow-blow I think.

Correct…the BHK is a Small 5x20mm (0.75") / Slow (T) / 2A fuse. I’m not sure about the DSD Sr.

Thanks @audiophilehi, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

DS is 1A slo small or 5x20

My pleasure @nycenglish.

My system uses 17 fuses. All are either Synergistic Blue or HiFi Tuning Supreme. I’ll put money into some Wilson speakers in New Year in lieu of Oranges or Beeswax.


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Thanks @brett66!

Looking to take advantage of the 3 for 2 deal on the Orange and wondering where best to place the 3 fuses.

Right now I have an SR Blue in myBHK preamp.

Thinking of getting one for the DirectStream Sr, then a pair of the large fuses for the 300 mono blocks.

For those that have gone the fuse upgrade route where is the best place place fuses that make the most difference. Read in one place that Paul didn’t feel upgrading the rail fuses in the amps. Other option is maybe the lower amp line fuses in the 300. Also have a P15 but figure the components would be a better fit for upgrades

Thanks in advance for input.