Best Buy deal of the day 6 Month Trial of Tidal Free (expired)

Seems like the Best Buy Deal of the Day is 6 months of free Tidal Trial with the purchase of any cd or vinyl, not sure if it is the Hifi version or not (EDIT it’s just standard Premium). Have to go get my CD.

I am still on a trial and this would be a fairly significant savings, and if you haven’t tried it, you can get it for at low as .99 cents (cd single). I got it with Metallica for $5.99!

Thought folks who are still on trial or haven’t tried it can do so for little investment.



Thanks, I shared it with Larry, who was going to get the 30 day trial. Your post saved him $100.

Jeffstar, happy it helped out!

Elk could you mark it as expired (or delete it) the offer was only valid that day.



I spoke too soon. You still did a really nice thing posting it, but it only saved him $40, as you had the choice of 6 months of Mp3 or 3 months of Premium.

Still a good deal, and you got to add a CD to your collection.