Tidal Black Friday Deal - New users - $1.99 for 4mos for HiFi pkg

FYI - Tidal has a great Black Friday promo for their Hifi package at $1.99 for 4mos! It’s a fantastic deal. It doesn’t work for current subscribers.

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I cancelled my Tidal subscription which then ran out early last week. Two days later got this offer emailed to me so signed up again - just couldn’t say no! In 4 months I will just cancel again.

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I have been listening to Tidal since Day 1. I - or I should say we - listen to Tidal so much that my wife believes AT&T throttles us because the music stops so much, but we stream all of our TV, too, except for the Cowboy games without a problem. I think the real problem is that I haven’t gotten my Sprout and a USB cable yet. A Gen 2 Apple TV and Airplay going through a first gen NAD 3020 sounds good, but I would rather have the signal wired. It will be interesting to hear the difference between Hypex and ICEpower Class D amps, not to mention 100 watts against 30.

Got in on the deal too as I let my subscription lapse. Then I decided to play and A/B compare Apple Music vs. Tidal.

What an ear opener :loud_sound:

Tidal of course in every way better than Apple Music from deep bass, to ambient cues to soundstage and finally upper frequency detail.
…but since my family subscribes to Apple Music, it’s still great for background music.

Heads up to those in the US. I take a class or two every year or three at my local community college. Random stuff that interests me. Tidal offers a student discount! While not 50c/month, $10/month for the top tier isn’t bad.


Thanks, riding the WAVE now. Appreciate the nudge.


How do they verify the student pricing?

It’s an automated process, I uploaded my student enrollment verification record.

Oh ok, would a student ID work?

I really don’t know what all the options are.

Apple is really pushing their Apple Music app to the point they make it difficult to play your own ripped CD’s using iTunes. But I never got finished ripping my own Redbook CD’s into my iMac anyway because Tidal fills my needs so well and has such great sound. Curating our own playlists is great, too - although I did learn the hard way not to f@€k with my wife’s playlists :no_good_woman:t3:.

Apple Music SUCKS, both their streaming, and the absolute destruction of iTunes, I haven’t used iTunes to play my music for years, and their latest “updates” have made it essentially impossible! Tidal, Quoboz, Spotify are the three who gets it right. I wish Spotify was lossless, as I love their playlists, hence I have to use both!