Best control point for Qobuz?

I took the route of using the BubbleUPnP Cloud Option, picking Qobuz. It does work, but at least on my old Android tablet, in BubbleUPnP, the interface is all text - very File Manager like. No pictures, no icons.

That hasn’t been my experience using BubbleUPnP on a five year old Android tablet. Bubble gives a lot of Settings choices; it is possible that you haven’t selected to have images and icons.

I also run BubbleUPnP server on one of my PCs. This enables you to set up an Openhome proxy for each renderer, which gives additional facilities, including transcoding and gapless playback (if the renderer supports it). It means I can set up a five hour playlist for a dinner party and then switch off my tablet.

I have never used Roon, but I do not know of anyone who has switched to Roon who would be prepared to go back from it!


I’ll have to check out the settings. Thanks.

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I subscribed to Roon for three years. Lightning is fine for me (two years or so now). I do think Roon is better, but my needs are simple, and I wanted a simpler setup.

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I am impressed! I have not encountered a Roon survivor before :slight_smile:

It really seemed to have a sound of its own at the time - but I switched around when Rock and NUC happened, so I haven’t tried those. Most seem to think it sounds fine, but not sure how you would compare. If you want the functionality, and have paid for it, you gotta run a Roon Core. So I don’t know of many who worry about the sound. You’re committed.

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Roon and a dedicated iPad Pro for me. The iPad is on a Logitech Base which is super convenient.

I know a number of people who dropped Roon. There are other Roon survivors here as well.

I doubt too many will again come out of the woodwork however; they were not treated well. It is a remarkably emotional topic for some Roon users, akin to Apple v. Windows.

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I also use Bluesound and a 250 Nad music player. I find it to be pretty simple and flawless. I am trying to make things less complicated and it works for me.

BubbleUPnP did not install successfully on my friends Mac or Windows 10 PC’s. Personally, neither of us have any use for Raspberry Pi type stuff, Too complicated when a DLNA based streaming system is simply "plug’n"play Ethernet cables and your all set.

We had a Pi based streamer on loan and neither of us could get it to work.