Best way to connect a subwoofer(s) if you have DSP (IIR/FIR)

I got inspired from the other topic: Best way to connect a subwoofer or subwoofers - that’s the way I have connected my sub for years. The room is like 50/50 with your gear what you hear so I want to try a room correction because I have nasty spikes and dips. I don’t have dedicated listening room and I share my M700/towers/sub with my HT processor/receiver.

It’s quite clear that the best way to add a DSP is doing it in digital chain: source -> I2S/spdif -> room eq -> I2S/spdif -> DAC. Now the tricky part is connecting subwoofers. One way to go is to leave everything as it is: source -> DSP -> DAC -> preamp -> pwr amp -> speaker+sub. The other option is to use separate cheaper dac for subs: DSP -> I2S DAC -> subs and maybe even skip sub internal filtering.

Which way to go? What would you do? Maybe I should wait for the new PS Audio speakers? They have additional AD -> DA conversion for DSP inside I’ve heard…