Best writer of melody?

For me, its all melody… feel is secondary (So Kinda Blue and any Led Zep drops out)

So who in your opinion is best writer of melody? Yep, tough one… Pick ONE!!!

Michel Legrand

I saw him in a small venue a few years before he died… his playing had way too much chicken fat in it, but oh the melodies.

Some writers a great at catchy and or sophisticated melodies ala Cole Porter or Paul McCartney… but can they really move you? That is a tougher challenge.

Bruce in Philly

  1. Abdullah Ibrahim
  2. Terje Rypdal

Sorry for naming two, but my number one would be the one if I only had to name one.

He’s a genius, a wizard of melodies and emotion…well he’s from Africa. I always think, when he dies, there couldn’t be enough praise for him as one who has given the world so much with his creativity and feeling.

I met him and talked to him at a concert, where he signed a few of my LP’s. When I came to him, he saw me and said „you’re a musician“ (don’t know why). Well I am somehow, playing a few instruments, but otherwise I said no, compared to real musicians I am nothing like that unfortunately. He has that wise kind of aura if you know what I mean. You know he’s something special if you just look at him.

The only negative I can say is, he dominates his band members quite much…they seem very shy around him.


My short list:

In this context, Mancini and Elmer Bernstein.


In pop, McCartney.


Henry Mancini

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In pop music there are so many with single or several songs for me, but not so much one artist who is really superior.

My number one melody song is probably „Who is it“ by Bjork and its cover versions.

Steven Wilson…no brainer

Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley,

For me, Ellington and Strayhorn in jazz, my main musical playground.

Beethoven, Gershwin and Chopin knock me out as well.

Reminds me of when I met and talked briefly to Sam Rivers. He just had such a wise and centered way about him. And he was humble while being as hip as you can be, and very kind and welcoming. He too was a deeply experienced master.

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Yes, it’s always a special experience to meet such uberhumans

Well, I’m not sure I view anyone as uberhuman, but maybe that’s because my father is one and I just view him as a very talented normal guy! :wink: There are those who are blessed with genius, but often at the same time very very human as far as frailties and vices.

Anyway, it is inspiring and exciting to encounter really talented individuals. Especially if you admire their work.

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Indeed I meant it limited to the kind of presence, musical wisdom, genius and as you say center those guys have.

At the same time they can fail as everyone else in any other category of life and not rarely do :wink:

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Hard to argue against that one.

I’m in the mood for a melody,
I’m in the mood for a melody, I’m in the mood…

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