Beta Test Impressions of the New Strata

Hey James,
Could you could grab the 2 items and give it a try for us? :grinning:

James - any chance for adding “Speaker Gain” setting? Similar to headphones low/high gain, but for speakers? That would be quite helpful for people with very sensitive speakers…
Can you please run it by the product team?

Doesn’t the max speaker volume setting (pg. 18) take care of that?

No. This setting is to limit the maximum volume one can reach (e.g. 24 would be max you can crank).
My issue with hiss is present even (and especially) when no music is playing at all.
Think of it as always-present-noise-floor. When music is playing, you cannot hear it.
Frankly, I always thought that solid-state amps are quiet. At least quieter than tube amps.
My solution, for now, is turn off the amps when not in use. I do not think it is a showstopper at all, but if a “Speaker Gain” can be added by means of FW update - that would be a useful feature!

Has anyone had this issue?
Listening to TV/Movies from the optical output of the LG TV to the Strata, I get very short “skip” in the sound every 30 seconds or so. The sound cuts out quickly for just a fraction of a second.

I still have my Direct Stream DAC hooked to the same system. If I move the optical cable over to the DSD there is no skipping.

I have heard folks have the most trouble with LG tvs and their optical output. I know you mentioned that it works with the DSD, but have you gone into the audio settings in the TV to make sure it’s outputting a PCM stereo signal?

Mine will skip when I first turn it on or change the channel - it usually settles down within a minute. If it persists I adjust the angle of the cable going into the Strata connector and that normally solves the problem. I bought a Lifatec cable thinking the cable could be the problem but it had the same problem as the cheaper Livewire cable. Both of my optical cables are 10’ and I’m thinking that may exacerbate the problem - but it seems to be working ok now.

BTW - it is a Samsung TV it is connected to and it only works in PCM mode, but the short “skips” occur in PCM only since it does not work at all with any other setting.

The tv was set to “auto” once in got into the menu that allowed me to change it. I set it to PCM and It seems better.
I had to turn off Dolby Atmos and volume leveling to make that option available.