BHK 250 incoming


Going to receive my BHK 250 (black) this Monday. Pairing it with Tannoy XT 8F and Cambridge audio CXN v2 streamer.
Hoping to replace my First Watt J2, and open more speaker possibilities since the J2 required high efficiency.

Anyone know how the BHK 250 compared to the First Watt J2, paring with 91dB speakers. Is this a side grade or an upgrade, at least for now until I get more interest in other (less efficient) speakers. Will report on my findings once I receive the BHK. Excited!

Finally, thanks Paul for the great videos, really enjoy them.


How do you like the Cambridge streamer? Did you demo others before buying?


Off topic, but I have had the original CXN for two years, recommended by Audio Advisor. Other options at the time of purchase were either way too much $$$ or too new or unknown for my comfort. It has performed flawlessly. I sometimes get the upgrade bug, but the CXN does everything I need it to do: various streaming services, hi-res files from NAS drive, and iPhone control app. Running digital out to DSD of course. And as had been said many times, DSD makes everything sound great. This is a keeper until maybe Octave . . .


Wow. How exciting! Please do post pictures and let us know how it goes.


Congratulations on the BHK 250. I’m looking forward to your feelings about the comparison between the J2 and the BHK 250. I’m currently using a J2 and I love it. I would think that with 91db and 8ohms, the combination with your speakers should be pretty good, depending on how loud you like to go.


Thanks. Realize I’m off topic. How does the v2 compare to your original v1?


Thanks for the kind words. Will definitely post my thoughts on J2 compared to BHK 250. I’m pretty happy with J2 too, but thought I “upgrade” to BHK250 to open up more speaker possibilities in the future, ahem… PSA speakers :sweat_smile:

That, and I’m super curious about the BHK 250.

As for CXN v2, I didn’t audition any other streamer. I’m happy with the CXN, easy access to my music, sounded pretty good too. I can detect a touch of harshness compared to my Holo Spring Lvl3 DAC, kinda expected this though, since the Holo is a NOS DAC.

I am a headphone audiophile and moving to speakers so my gear and music libarary is in another room, hence the need for the CXN.