BHK 250 is awesome!

Currently borrowing the BHK from my lovely friends at my local HiFi store. I have a PWD mk1 connected directly via xlr leads. I stream with a Cambridge CXN and CDs with the CXA transport, I play LPs through the Nuwave Phono converter into the PWD with I2S hdmi.

The sound is better than any amp I’ve tried, the Hegel H95, Yamaha AS2200, Anthem STR, Emotiva A300, Luxman 550AX,

The PWD is also far better as a pre/dac than the CXN, better in every way. And that’s a suprise since it uses similar Wolfson dac chips.

This amp never sounds harsh or thin, or bright or edgy, or dull or dark. It has no bad characteristics that I can hear. It’s warm and lush with great depth and sound stage. Great instrument separation and just a really nice relaxed timbre and tone. Never fatiguing.

It probably lacks a little rock n roll and speed but most Audiophiles aren’t playing heavy music late at night, its a good compromise if you had to make one.
I’ve never heard old 60s analog recording sound so good.


Don’t forget that you can roll tubes in that ever elusive search for your “perfect sound”.


That was just plane evil! :grin:

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Thanks for the post! I have found this to be true with my BHK250 as well. The speakers I have hooked up tend to be on the edgier side but the 250 keeps that brightness at bay and leaves me with really nice sparkle on the top end.

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The only issue I’m having with this amp is the RCA input is very noisy, I’ve tried a few preamps and changed the power leads around, always noisy. XLR is dead quiet either direct from the PWD or when I have the Holo Serene Preamp inline. ( I just picked that up today to review, wondering if it will improve on the PWD direct to BHK which is already awesome).

Yes, the RCA is a more noisy connection. Even with a quiet source, the RCA is more noisy. Balanced is certainly the way to go with the BHK250.


I have a DS - - > BHK Pre - - > 250 all on Transparent Ultra XLR. It sounds fantastic and very quiet.


Yes XLR is very quiet…RCA very noisy.

Just waiting on some more Audioquest XLRs tomorrow then I can have my PWD and my Hegel V10 Phono connected via XLR into the Halo Serene. Then XLR out into the BHK250.