BHK 250 vs M1200

This Coda S5.5 always intrigued me with its 50 watts of class A…No affiliation.

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I have looked at them a few times recently. It’s surprising how little known Coda is in the audio marketplace. There’s a few reviews and a few items for sale in the used market. But clearly not at the level of Pass. Interesting considering they both have time at Threshold.

I know they make gear for other companies. Perhaps they simply don’t spend a lot on advertising.

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I would like to hear the CODA 16.0 Stereo Amplifier. It looks fantastic.


Hey Vince. Coda definitely flys under the radar but you are correct though…they don’t bother to advertise because they have no need to. Their world class product line at reasonable pricing speaks for itself without advertisement…If you dig tube sound with tube virtues and solid-state detail with balls… you can’t go wrong with Coda…And all that with a great warranty period!

A ten year warranty is amazing. What’s nice is that they’ve been around long enough that a warranty that long seems real vs marketing.

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I know right? Doug Dale is a man of true integrity and will always take care of his customers…Whether it’s 10 years or a 100. The # 16 Coda is the only amp I would even consider if I ever decide to upgrade from my #8… Once you hear what their amps (preamps too) can do…there’s no switching to another brand…At least for these ears…:grin:

I just went through a similar exercise, I had and still have a pair of now retired M700s. Was thinking upgrading to M1200 but went for the BHK250 when the August sale went live.

I mostly listen to classical solo piano as well and I also play as a serious hobby. I just have the BHK broken in for about couple days now when I can say is for just pure piano notes reproduction the BHK is superior to my M700. The sound is, without better vocabulary to describe it, more fuller bodied, The harmonic decay with the sustain pedal if much more realistic(it hangs in the air longer when appropriate), the air and ambience is denser as well so easier for my brain to “see” the stage . Staging is taller and wider. M700 sounded a bit class D in comparison. Mind you I’ve never had issues with M700 sounding class D until comparing it to the BHK.

Having said all that, the gap between M700 and the bhk isn’t as wide as I’d expected, so I’d hazard a guess the gap between the M1200 and the bhk would be even smaller. I do have a P15 in the chain just to note.

If I can swing it and don’t mind the extra weight, I’d skip a middle step. If you are familiar with Audio Excellence of Canada, they also recommended the BHK over the 1200s for pure piano reproduction. check 13:46 of the video below

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I can’t wait until you tube swap to something like a Mullard 7308 in the Pre and the 250. It gets even better!

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I am curious about the BHK 250 especially with this sale going on right now. I currently have a McIntosh MC152 which I am very happy with. However, with all the high praise the BHK has, I would be very interested in comparing it with my amp. The McIntosh should be easy to sell if I fall in love with the BHK.

I need tubes in my system, and with the current sale, a BHK 250 is a perfect way to get tubes into a system and still have the Class A/B solid state output stage to drive your speakers (whichever speakers those are).

I don’t think I’ve seen a spec for the 250 that indicates how many watts are Class A. Do you know?

I think I remember Bascom himself mentioning in a video how many watts are in Class A, but I cannot remember. And there are multiple videos that are quite long, so it might take a while to find out, unless @jamesh or @DarrenMyers knows

@jamesh - Do you know how much Class A the BHK 250 produces?


Yes, it’s pretty low. It’s just around 1 watt. The BHK 600s are right around 2.


Good to know! Idle power consumption of BHK power amps always made me think they deliver much more in class A!

Thank you for this information. So you are able to easily distinguish between a Steinway, Bosendorfer and Bechstein?

I play a Yamaha lol.