BHK 300 Current capacity

What is the current capacity (amps) of each BHK 300 monoblock? Am I figuring this correctly with 15A in 8 ohms, 30A into 4 ohms & 60A into 2 ohms?

The formula for Amps is Watts divided by Volts .

Your current numbers are too high.
300 watts at 8 ohms is more like 6.1 amps.

Don’t know what the number would be for the BHK300’s, but in general I think a more relevant figure of merit is what the peak current capability is - the ability to deliver gobs if juice for short periods to support effortless dynamics. It’s what those gargantuan caps in the power supplies are for.

BHK 300’s in system for 6 months & know first hand that they’re “no holds barred” powerful amps; just curious what the actual numbers are that achieve this level of performance.

300 watts at 120 volts = 2.5 amps if you are using the full maximum of 300 watts. I doubt you would use the full 300 watts without blowing out you ears. You probably use a few watts at normal listening volume…

Yeah - P = i^2*R… (6.1238A^2) * 8ohms looks around 300W