BHK Power Consumption

If you have a BHK attached to something that reads power drawn (like a PP)…
How much power will a 250 or 300 pull? What if you listen loud?

(Love my M1200s but would upgrade. Sadly I’m limited on power circuits and cannot add more)

Are you using a standard 15amp circuit? That should work.

2 of them. Dedicated, but powering a home theater with multiple subs. 700s for four surrounds and 1200s for LCR

From the BHK 250 specifications page:

Power Consumption
@Ready 75 Watts
@Idle 175 Watts
@Rated power 8Ω 850 Watts
@Rated power 4Ω 1600 Watts

I have 2 300’s an anthem 5x200 and outlaw 5 x 100. Anthem AVM 70 and BHK pre and JL cr1 all on same time. With Rythmik dual 15 that is 1800 watts. No issues on 2 dedicated lines. One 20 amp one 15. I don’t see you having an issue

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