Luxman L-595ASE

Just picked up this beauty yesterday and it’s mesmerizing! The ability to deliver every detail without ever being harsh is pretty awesome, but the real magic is the drive. It just moves the music and you can’t help but tapping your feet!

This is a keeper!


Congratulations! What speakers is it driving?

Wilson Watt Puppy 8


Excellent setup!

Since I got interested in Wilsons, I’ve found that the Watt Puppies have become “cult” classics. Owners seem to be fanatical about them, especially the last iteration.

I was going to buy a pair of Sabrina’s but then I realized that I could get a pair of W/P for less. Really glad I did! They’re quite special


yeah, oh my, Congrats.

I’ve seen photos of this, and it’s just about the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Some versions are encased in rosewood veneer… drool.


Wood casing is only in the Japanese market. The rest of the world gets to deal with the aluminum case.

I’ve never seen a better fit and finish so no complaints. I’m in the metal working industry so I can really appreciate the quality of the machine work


Oh and the sound outweighs even the stunning fasciae!


I have the L-509X, and the 595 is just about the only thing I’d want instead!

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You are a well qualified expert to opine.

I’ve ended up with both a L-590AXII as well as the 595… as awesome as the 590 is the 595 is such a statement piece with sound quality that takes it to another level.

My buddy has a 509. I would say that the 595 takes the drive and details of the 509 and combine it with the sweetness and naturalness of the 590. Real magic!


I too have a Luxman 509X, and it is a stunner, detailed but never harsh or forward.


Oh wow - this is a fantastic pickup!

Knowing you had the BHK Pre & XA60.5 Mono’s (my current setup), it would be interesting to hear your impressions of your previous setup vs the 595ASE.

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I went from BHK pre with the XA60.5 which was then replaced by an ARC REF75SE. Added lots of space compared to the XA60.5’s.

The 595 adds even more space, but everything is in their perfect position. The bass is definitely more defined compared to either of the amps. I think the big thing is that I just listen to music and completely forget about any kind of analysis! I put on a track that I know extremely well to listen for a specific passage that has some interesting background noise (the organist has a creaky chair!)… 4 tracks later I realized that I had completely forgotten to listen for it! The details are all there, but somehow the Luxman just draws you so far into the music that you forget to listen for it.

I truly think the 595 might be an “end-game” piece, but knowing me, I will find something different in a few years that I want to try out. I highly doubt that change will include selling the 595 however. Yes, it’s truly that good!!!

Now, the 590 is close and definitely “cut from the same cloth”, but it lacks the last bit of slam (when called for), and the detail retrieval is close, but not to the same degree. If you can’t find a 595, the 590 is extremely good.


Appreciate the feedback- I’m trying to live with my current setup for bit, while I research next steps. I do want to save and move up the ladder, so I’ve resisted just trying lateral or even slightly upgrade moves. Luxman is on my shortlist and I heard only good things about them.

The M900U is an amazing amp, but do yourself a favor and listen to the integrated ones as well. It’s remarkable how close they get to separates and the simplicity of a single unit is very refreshing. If you’re into vinyl, the phono stage is staggeringly good. Definitely rivals many quite expensive stand alone units


Definitely agree on this, with respect to my 509. Not wanting for an external stage at this point!


All reports from those who’ve heard it it that this amp takes the Luxman integrateds from what was already a very high level, that much higher.

But most Luxman fans do not like the appearance without the meters, fwiw.

Pretty interested to see what comes next. L507z at $9k already announced for later this year and speculation the 590 will be rev’d but that seems kinda odd with the 595 already there.

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The 595 is a limited edition. Only 300 made. Spoke to the Luxman rep and the changes to the 590 is quite extensive, to the point where there’s pretty much a net zero to manufacture them!

I would anticipate that the next gen 590 (logically called L-590Az) will incorporate some of these changes.

It’s interesting you mention the VU meters. It’s one of those things that look nice at first, but most keep them dimmed so it’s really a non-issue.