P12 with BHK Pre & BHK250 question

Hi, just ordered a p12 to power my bhk pre, DSD and bhk250.

I’m reading through the manual and wondering if I can switch off the p12 outlets when the BHK amp & preamp are on or in standby or do I have to switch the components off first?

Also, is it okay to run a powerboard off one outlet? I’m thinking of running other things like my AVR, Apple TV and, Mini Mac (running Roon).


Congrats! You’re going to love the system! You can certainly turn them on/off by switching on/off the P12, but this isn’t the recommended way. What I would recommend is running a trigger cable from the pre to the amp and putting those two in standby with the remote. Then I would leave the P12 and DSD on all of the time. This way everything is warm and ready to listen right away. The only time I’d turn the P12 off and everything downstream is if you’re going to be gone for a number of days. Powerboard like a power strip? Fine to do, but not recommended. You still get the cleaner power, but lose the benefit of the lower output impedance.

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