BHK PRE and 300 Sounding Dull

I have my BHK 300’s and Pre about 3 months. There is 245 hours on them. They just recently started to sound dull. I haven’t moved or touched anything since their installation.
Could it be the tubes are already starting to diminish?

More than likely the quality of your AC power or cables.

Thanks but unlikely. I have the PSA-P15 and Wireworld Silver Electra 7 PC’s. The problem is it didn’t start out as dull. Just happened about a week or 2 ago.

At 245 hrs you’re just starting to break it in. i bought the BHK preamp a week and a half ago and I’ve been breaking it in non-stop, so I have about the same amount of hrs as you. The preamp is still on a rollercoaster ride as it continues to settle in, same with your amps.
My BHK 250 took close to 800 hrs before it sounded it’s best. Let everything run non stop for awhile, as to speed up the break-in process.


Thanks Gary…I will do just that.

This may far out from left field, but what is your digital source? May not be applicable with a dedicated server, but when I use my laptop as a player for long runs burning in new gear the sound starts to get a bit dull until I restart the laptop and all the brilliance comes back (probably a RAM/cache issue).

I use the Aurender N100H to a Bryston BDA-3 DAC and an Oppo UDP-205 to the same DAC.

Here’s my entire system. As I previously stated, It’s been a week or 2 with touching anything that the system has been sounding a bit dull. I’m going to play som vinyl and also play some CD’s through mu Oppo-205 to see if anything changes’

Speakers: Von Schweikert VR-5 Anniversary MK II Front L/R, LCR-35 Center, VR-1 Rear L/R Sub: JL Audio F113
Amps: PS Audio BHK Signature 300 Mono, McIntosh MC207 Pre-Amp PS Audio BHK Signature and Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage
Turntable: VPI HR-X 12.7 TONEARM (2) and SDS
Music Server: Aurender N100H
Cartridges: Ortofon Cadenza Black, Lyra Helikon Mono Digital Source: Oppo UDP-205 DAC: Bryston BDA-3
SSP: Marantz AV8801 Cables: Wireworld Electra 7 § Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7 (I) Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7 (S) Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 (USB) AC Power Regeneration: PS Audio DirectStream P15 Power Plant

Allergy season here (the Fremont cottonwoods are in full spawn mode). Everything’s sounded dull to me for the last week AND my television is blurry. I’m pretty sure it’s not the system, but it’d be great if changing some cables or tubes could fix it.


Allergies can definitely mess up your hearing and ruin your ability to enjoy your system. Before I got rid of my allergies I couldn’t even listen to my stereo during allergy season.

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So I unplugged my system for about 1/2 hour and then played track 2 on my isotek full system enhancer CD. It snapped life back into my system.

“The disc includes specially developed signals to help ‘run-in’ new equipment, as well as demagnetising existing hi-fi components and rejuvenating your entire system.”

Very highly recommended!


2nd Edition below.


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Just curious, how long do you let the system warm up before critical listening?

I usually let the system warm up 30-45 minutes before listening. That being said even after 4 hours the system would still sound dull.

It wasn’t until I used the IsoTek CD that the sound transformed again. I finally got the 3D imaging and life back.

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Magic CD!

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And it’s a fun listen, too. Sort like Steve Roach played over my Zenith Trans-Oceanic shortwave while the HVAC is on the fritz. The dog, however, leaves the room.

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Very good setup!
I shortly read a review about your speakers as I heard von Schweikert speakers at the last two high end shows and liked them (they were at insane price levels). Yours is still expensive with 27k but a smaller one, yet very good reviewed, great!

Do you anyway consider one of the PSA upcoming speakers? Von Schweikert mentioned the „passive kind of servo control“ in your speaker. IMO it shows the value for money of the planned AN speakers that even the AN3 at little more than half the price (planned) uses real active servo control, even more expensive chassis (I guess) also good cabinets and some other features. The AN2 will probably be on the price level of your current speakers…
But the Schweikert will have their merits, too I’m sure…I would just be interested in case you consider a comparison at a later time.

I’m always open to something new. I would most definitely give the new PS Audio speakers a listen. Especially that I’m sure they will be driven by the BHK 300’s and Pre which I also have.

It will be very hard to part with my Von Schweikert speakers. They are that good.

Burning-in audio equipment is an interesting and frustrating phenomena. There’s definitely not a linear progression in SQ as it’s taking place, more like a rollercoaster ride. It’s pretty much been up and down to this point. And now at around 400 hrs, the BHK preamp is sounding better than ever, but I doubt the rollercoaster ride is over with yet.
But tonight I’m basking in an immense and musical soundstage.

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It is frustrating at times, especially when it sounds great one day and dull the next. The good thing is you know once you get over the hurdle you are home free with great sounding days.:smiley:

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Even though my system is powered by a P-10 on a dedicated circuit, it usually sounds better late at night with the lights off. Could this be caused by less RFI etc?