BHK Pre default volume

I did some search but couldn’t find what I am looking for: is there a way to set the default startup volume? When I turn on the preamp and wait for 90 secs, the volume is 25. Thanks!

Based on your “90 seconds,” it sounds like you are turning the preamp on/off with the main power switch at the back, instead of just powering to standby with the front switch/remote?

If so, I believe that is normal. I just put my preamp in standby when not in use (which just powers down the tubes), and when I turn it back on, the volume is set to whatever I set it at last.


That’s correct. I power off preamp overnight. If I keep the standby (tube off), yes, BHK preamp memorizes the volume setting.

I’ve never seen any mention of the default level (25) being configurable.

Another way to look at it…you can have it at any value you want, as long as you want it at 25! :rofl: :rofl:

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What’s your reasoning behind turning it completely off?

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, just curious.

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