Bhk Phono Preamp

With the Stellar phono getting all the attention, the BHK phono has somewhat fallen of the map, is it still coming ? seems like it was in the works before the Stellar., Im likely to go for the Stellar but I have the BHK pre and amp, wonder if I should hold out.

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I’d love to know the answer to this because I’m saving for one. Lol

It’s still in the works and being worked on, but it’ll be a long while before it sees the light of day, and expensive. A 2-chassis solution, it’s likely going to come in at around $20K the pair. I would hope to see something in 2021.

I’d love to know more about the overall strategy of that price segment @ PSA…

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That sounds more like a BHK Statement or Reference than a part of the Signature series. I can understand that Mr King wants to make the very best phono preamp possible but that puts the upcoming BHK Phono outside the Signature series price range. In order to fit in there it should be somewhere in the same price range as the preamp and the stereo power amp, i.e. 6,000 - 7,500 $ (or slightly less).

But heck, I probably just need to get a hold of my OCD. Total symmetry is not necessary (but I’m the kind of guy who would buy an entire system from the same manufacturer because it looks better - hifi should not only please the ears). Hearing this I decided to go with the Stellar Phono as I will never (unless I win the lottery) be able to afford a 20,000 $ phono amp. Mixing Stellar and Signature series is OK. At least the case work has the same color.

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$20K is long green. There is really fine tube phono competition for half that price target. That’d be about twice retail for, say, a Manley steelhead. A bit more than twice retail compared to my Modwright PH150. I too was wondering about the BHK phono. Not at that price.

2021 is still a ways off. $20k is fine if this BHK Phono is world class. I couldn’t wait since my Mare Phono broke on me a ways back and I bought a Esoteric E-02 Phono preamp for $9k only. It is the best phono stage I have ever heard period. I have had and play with in my system a Audio Research PH3, a Bat VK-P5, an Aesthetix lo Signature Phono, an Aesthetix Rhea Signature, a Manley Steelhead, and a Boulder 1008 Phono. Forget it. The Esoteric blows them all out of the water. With the Esoteric the images are so substantial and visceral with so much air and dimensionality, I have goose bumps all the time. I believe this Esoteric phono can compete with anything on the market regardless of cost. No digital system I have ever heard has come close to this musicality. If this upcoming BHK Phono can beat it, I’ll be the first in line for one.

That sort of money gets you the latest Edison II and valve power supply from Brinkmann, and a bit left over, who’ve been almost entirely focused on analogue since the 1980s. I’ve heard it a few times, including at a dealer demo, and a friend recently bought one.

I listened to the Brinkmann Edison MkII ($13,990) with the Brinkmann Balance TT and arm. It’s at my local dealer that do primary analog including records. Over the years I bought many records and some equipment from him. The good thing is I can listen to the record before I buy. The equipment also. The dealer is ultra hi-end. some of the things he sell are quite expensive like the Continuum Caliburn TT and Koetsu Blue Lace cartridge. Funny thing is more expensive does not always equate to better sound. It might have to do with setup and personal taste. I have never been that impressed with the sound from this dealer and sometimes the more modestly priced component sounds better like his SME Model 30 turntable over the Caliburn. Always if you can try before you buy.

SME 30 = ”modestly priced”:rofl: Well, in relation to the Caliburn it is.

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I can see this. PS Audio could release an “SE version” of the SPP, where the same electronics are put in a case like that of the Directstream Jr. No claims of sonic superiority, but just nicer casework that would fit in with the more expensive components. Perhaps this is a niche of a niche and not worth the hassle for PSA. I know that if I upgrade from the SGCD to a BHK pre I will be mismatched but the SPP isn’t going anywhere for a very long time (if ever!).

It was alway fascinating for me that someone uses tubes ONLY in power supplies.

Tube rectification can be a wonderful thing.


Yes, but in a power supply that’s usually always on and where it’s difficult to immediately hear tube degrading…that’s special.

One always need be thoughtful when running equipment with tubes. One advantage however is tube equipment warms up fast.

Rectifier tubes are typically good for up to 10,000 hours. This is over a year if one is silly enough to leave tube equipment on 24/7. Seven years if you listen four hours every day.

Yeah, it’s just that a typical turntable power supply is always on and not even has an off switch :wink:

I heard Paul mention in passing on one of his videos that Darren Myers was working on a Perfect Wave Phono preamp. If that were put in the same chassis as the DAC and transport etc. you could wind up with something that would be more of a match with the BHK preamp and the BHK 250 power amp in terms of price.