BHK Phono Preamplifier ETA?

So is there some sort of ballpark date and MSRP for the release of the BHK Phono Preamplifier?

I just purchased the BHK Preamplifier and BHK 300 monoblocks so I’m salivating for the BHK Phono Preamplifier. :sunglasses:


Anyone have any info?

Great question, though I unfortunately don’t have much info yet.

We have a couple proto boards for the BHK Phono Pre, though we’re still far from a finalized product. We provide Bascom with more or less unlimited freedom in his design process, which means we don’t set strict timelines for him. Tentatively, I’d say we can expect the BHK Phono late this year or the first half of next. Although, it could be sooner, or later.

We don’t really have a ballpark for MSRP - that hinges on a lot of the design choices Bascom makes.

Thanks so much! Now I need to find temporary phono preamp until the release of the BHK. :notes:

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Take a look at the Gold Note PH-10

Thanks, I’ll do just that. :+1:

The Stellar phono pre is coming out soon

The Gold Note PH-10 looks like a good pick. The Stellar is also on my radar.

There are several people on AA using the Gold Note. I think you would have to spend quite a bit more to better it’s sound and flexibility especially if you have multiple TT’s. Pretty much rave reviews from every publication that has reviewed it.

Here’s a mint used one local to you with the optional outboard power supply.

Thanks Jack…I read some reviews of the Gold Note PH-10 last night and you are right. Rave reviews from all.

This is a very strong consideration.

Thank You!

The current PS Audio phono converter is very good

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There’s also the little EAR box, if one is looking for something in the meantime.

Just ordered the Gold Note PH-10. I’ll add the PSU at a later date when funds are available.

I’m still interested in the BHK Phono Preamp when it’s available. The Gold Note PH-10 will hold me over until then.

Thanks to all!

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There are threads where this is discussed. No ETA is available. BHK is working on it and has not provided a timeframe.

Yes I’ve read them. I really didn’t what to wait that long without listening to my LP’s. :sunglasses:

Of course, I don’t blame you. It makes it tough when products are teased with no estimate of when they will become available. I recently picked up a Herron vtp2a. It’s a marvelous phono stage and I haven’t really heard it’s potential yet as I’m using an older Technics turntable until I get a newer more capable player.

I meant to write Herron vtph-2a, but the forum software wouldn’t let me edit for some reason.

I had the original Herron phono VTPH. Great phono stage. I did come very close to ordering the VTPH-2A. Maybe I should have. :sunglasses:

Keith is a great guy with outstanding customer support. He will always answer an email or a phone call. You can’t go wrong with Herron products.

Check out VTL’s TP2.5i - the latest version is IMHO a phenomenally good phono preamp. Not the easiest to change settings but an all tube phono pre including MC gain is phenomenal. I reckon it gives my ARC Phono 3 a run for its money