BHK Pre Remote Issues

After many years of faithful service my BHK Pre (one of the early models that was signed by Bascom) seems to have lost its mind. I first noticed when I tried to change the volume using the remote. After working fine just minutes before, at first it did not respond at all, and then it would start to rapidly roll all the way up or down. Changing inputs is hit or miss (sometimes it responds, sometimes not), as are the on-off buttons. It’s not the remote or the batteries–I have two BHK Pre’s and two DS Mk2’s, which use the same remote, and the issues persist whichever remote I use and the remote I usually use with that unit works fine with my DACs and other BHK Pre. I’ve tried unplugging the unit for a few minutes (no change) and am now going to try powering off for a few hours. The manual controls still seem to work OK.

Any ideas?

Change the battery in the remote?

Do you have any other PSA equipment, does the remote work properly on those?

As noted in my original post, I tried more than one remote, with the same result. The remote I was using works fine with my other BHK Pre and two DS Mk2’s. It’s not the remote or the batteries.

To update myself, after unplugging the unit last night for a few hours I got most functions back. The volume would still skip up or down several notches at a time instead of one. I unplugged it over night and now it seems to be working normally. We’ll see if that lasts.


One of my three remotes just died completely a couple weeks ago out of the blue. I simply contacted James at PSA and I was provided a new one at a very reasonable price and it showed up in 5 days.

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