BHK Preamp 12v trigger

i had been using a Niles AC-3 voltage activated AC outlet with my previous Preamp. This allowed me to have my amp turn on when I turned on the Preamp by running a connection from the AC-3 switched outlet to the 12 v trigger on the Preamp. When I tried to duplicate this with my new BHK Preamp, the amp does not turn on. I tested with other equipment and the Niles works fine. Is there something I need to do to activate the 12v trigger on the BHK? The Preamp apparently does need 100 mA to activate the Niles and I do not see this spec anywhere in the PSAudio documention.

Not sure I completely understand, but there’s nothing needed to activate the BHK triggers. They output +12V when the BHK turns on. So I would imagine the BHK should turn on your remote AC outlet. I’ll forward to our service people to see if I am missing something.

I’m having the same problem. As if BHK isn’t outputting +12v, however, if I disconnect and reconnect the 3.5mm TS cable at either end, the M700s light up, however the M700s don’t turn off with the BHK.

I’ve tried the default Trigger value 20 and 0, no change.

Using standard 3.5mm TS ‘mono’ cables - probably 30 years old, never had an issue until these units.

2 hours in, still sounding pretty special.

Hi, I ended up using a Xantech plug and that solved it. The Niles needed more output than the BHK Was providing but th3 Xantech has lower threshold.

Mine look just like this:

I was referring to the plug itself but may be hard to get now

Oh, I got ya. I’m using PS Audio amps so something else is up. I’ll have to root around for another couple cables to try…but I can push a button too.

Just to followup, the issue is with a limited run of BHK preamps, an extraneous capacitor was installed where one should not be, c156. Support can fix it or show you how to clip it yourself, it’s easily accessible via the tube cover/grill.