BHK Preamp Beta Testers wanted - apply within

Shoot. I really wanted to do this, but the beta schedule won’t work for me travel-wise… well, I will have to content myself with lustfully awaiting the reports of the lucky few!!!

Will the new preamp have a phono Input

Nope, however, Bascom is supposed to be working on a new stand alone phone stage to complement the preamp (and amp). Paul said not to expect it for some time, probably in 2017. Had they included a phone stage in the new preamp I might have considered it.

Paul if there is room , please count me in please .

Also so I think I asked but I do not re,end the answer . What is the output imp of the headphone amp . ?

What is the power rating at 8 ohms and above . ?

Lastly would the output imp or power change if it was balanced output for headphones and why did you guys not provide one . If there is no change then I see your point , but if there is change and or improvment I can only say it’s something you should have . Even if it’s a four pin 1/4 inch output and a made for purpose adaptor needed.

After watching your and mr K videos and his being involved in my present aragon Amps along with his vast experience . I am sure this will be a good experience all around with the monos as well. My cross over and low pass is in bobs hands being worked on .

What happens in simple terms if I feed the preamp in SE do I still get a BAL output and how is it achieved please.

Lastly is there a video for the preamp . ??

Edorr did you finish your mini review of your monos. ? Please post a link

thanks in advance all