BHK Preamp; Headphone sub-system

Hi gang. Loving my DirectStream DAC with Bridge II that i’ve had for a few months…recently added a BHK preamp. Had a curious question: if I never listen to headphones in my main system , is there an EASY way to de-energize the headphone section? Idea being, the power to keep the bias and support stuff returned to the main power supply might incrementally improve the line-stage section. Just a silly question.

@audiopacer - with or without tools?

Wait. What?

@RonP - yeah, me too… was like WTF? I could do it… not sure I would… need these tools I think… hey, wait a minute, that’s not the BHK PRE… crap… I ripped out the wrong circuit… :nerd_face:

I would be burning down my house for sure.


@RonP - my luck, I rip out the HP stage and the wife comes home and says look what I got you - new Focal Utopia HP w/ Nordost cables… wait a minute, I have those… never mind…

Where are my manners - @audiopacer - welcome to the forum, glad to have you aboard…

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@RonP - have you ever listened to Mindi Abair live… lovin her groove on the sax…

…well with minimal tools. I was looking for low hanging fruit like, unplug a few cables. I have not dug into the board layout at all to even see if this is remotely possible within reason of course. My audio nervosa creeps in at times and gets the better of me at times, lol. I guess I was thinking about the common functions to turn off displays, and then sometimes the recommendation to remove unused network cards, etc. all more or less geared for improving the tiniest bit of performance…
My guess is that the small bit of power it takes to keep unused headphone circuitry “alive” would not NET any actual gain (if it was taken out of overall system)…but unless it’s actually tried, who knows…afterall we are in the realm of some claiming that direction matters on cables for an Alternating current signal :slight_smile:

I have a Pass HPA 1 that I use at work and sounds absolutely incredible, best I’ve ever heard yet. No Focal Utopia at the moment however, just spent it on the BHK!
Cheers all.

The HPA can’t be eat imo. I just ordered one.

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@RonP - are you going to “eat” it after it arrives… spelling, that’s what you get when you go to dinner with the car boys and are light on the pasta and heavy on the beers…

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pasta and beer??? heavens no. Vermentino.

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@RonP - Fattoria Vermentino?
Did you go new on the HPA? Was scoping it out and it looks stout…