BHK Preamp Remote Buttons

New BHK preamp. Remote control questions.
There are two On buttons, top left by Off and above In4. What is the difference between them? I know the manual says one is Display and Standby and says preamp only on the lower one, but I would like detailed information on what they do and how they differ.
Top left off button manual says Display and Standby. If I want the preamp to stay on, but keep the tubes off, what do I do? Please be detailed in steps and sequence.
Does the Off button turn everything off completely, or is there still a little juice running through the preamp?
Why is it necessary to press the mute , button above Preamp volume control, before every change of input? If i do not, i get a loud impulse or click noise from my speakers. Is this normal? If not, how can i stop this from happening?
Thanks for your help

The two off buttons are redundant. They should do the same thing. If you want the pre to remain on but the display to be off, hit the dim button. There is no way for the pre to remain on but have the tubes off. When you put the pre in standby, you won’t get any sound and shuts the tubes off. It does keep a portion of the SS circuitry on in order for the warm up period to be shorter. I notice a little click through my my speakers as well when changing the inputs, but it shouldn’t be loud. If you’re running single ended to your amp, it will be marginally louder. I run balanced.

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To put one on and the other dim, I just bring the remote to the stack and cover up the IR receiver I don’t want to change. Most typically for me the DAC is in dim mode and the pre display is on.

The remote is designed to control multiple pieces of equipment so that you need only one remote, not multiple remotes each with limited functionality.

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I always mute before any change of input. I also reduce volume even when I mute when switching inputs. Have done so with every preamp I have owned over the years. It is common sense safe practice.


I deleted my post - I guess the remote is not that bad and it does have a metal face. I don’t really use a transport and the does not seem to control my Schiit DAC, so I don’t need 80% of the buttons, but I see how others may need them. I do see that it will control my phono pre, so I will start to use that feature instead of using the dog chewed phono pre remote.

I wish you had not done that. Your opinion is perfectly valid. :slight_smile:

I expect there are not all that many who need/can use all of the buttons on the remote.

The little dedicated remote which comes with the PowerPlants is delightful and controls nothing else.

Perhaps ideally we would receive a full feature multi-remote, together with a small remote which controls only a single piece. I cannot justify the additional expense to a manufacturer, but I would like the option.

Thanks, but it was not a productive post. I do like the power plant remote - simple and easy to use.
The Schiit remotes are tactilely super nice. Beautiful metal, small, but substantial.
The big BHK remote just reminds me of those cumbersome TV remotes.

I wish the remote that came with my Pre had a Cleanwave button. My OCD would love to eliminate another remote from my side table!

Best thing I did was get a nice wooden box for all the remotes.