Preamp off button on Remote

Does anyone else dislike the unnecessary preamp off button on the remote that is located just below the volume down toggle. I see no reason for it whatsoever and it has caused me to shut the preamp and amp off by accident when attempting to adjust the volume. I don’t know who’s idea that one was but it was not a good one.


I didn’t even know it was there. I’ve never hit it by mistake.

hey Sixpack, I also have accidentally shutdown my whole listening experience unnecessarily by hitting that button as I was trying to control the volume. couldn’t agree more. I am thinking about taking a razor blade and shaving the thing off! :slight_smile:

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I have done so more than once and it really ticks me off when I do! You have to wait for the 45 seconds of warm up before you can go back to the music. I have taken the remote apart to investigate and it would be easy to put a tiny piece of tape over the contact to prevent it from working. I have not done so yet but I might!

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I don’t have the ps audio preamp. Does it actually turn it off or just put it in stand-by mode?

You can always shave the button off or pull the button out.

If it actually shuts everything off…personally, Id pull the button out and fill the hole with hot glue. Needless to say, I like to keep things on.

Good luck!

It puts it in standby the same as the regular off button on the remote. If you have your amp linked to the preamp for turn on it shuts that down too. This of course is only if you are using the PS Audio preamp. As I mentioned It is easier to open the remote and put a tiny piece of tape on the pad to prevent the contact from making. This does not visually affect the remote and is easily undone if you change your mind.

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The tape idea sounds like a much better solution.

Id do that for sure.

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