BHK volume indicator going off by itself after upgrade to the new version of snowmass

I turn on the BHK and it turns on properly and indicates the volume level…I start playing music and all of a sudden the volume level dims by itself…music continues to play properly without issue and if i use the remote to change the pre amp volume the indicator lights up again and i can see the new volume as I change it and for a few seconds again until it once more dims…now I wouldnt even comment on this if not for the fact that it has never done this before…for the past 6 months or so the volume light level stayed lit …the only thing that has changed is that just prior to this issue I upgraded snowmass on my DAC to the newer version…immediately afterwards this started…might there be any reason or thoughts?

There’s no relation between BHK pre and Snowmass, purely coincidental.

There are settings on the BHK to control the display brightness; dim, normal, bright.
Try setting yours to ‘normal’.

When I dim the display on my DirectStream DAC using the DAC’s remote, it also dims the display on my BHK Pre. I use the BHK remote to put both units in Standby, and to bring both units out of Standby. Coming out of Standby, both displays come up with normal intensity, and I typically dim them again when I start listening.