Bitperfect issues help pls

Hey gang, I have two issues happening with bitperfect that I can’t get rid of. I have 2 OSX machines running it (iMac and music dedicated Mac mini) and they both exhibit the problems. They are running on different OSX versions and iTunes versions.

  1. Random volume decrease…followed at some point in time by random volume return to normal. I can’t find anything in the manual or online about this.
  2. Pauses between tracks. I’ve read the manual and toggled the suggested settings but no bueno.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have had some issues with volume also with BitPerfect. Recently I realized that the slider bar on iTunes was at half volume and it may have been from using the keyboard volume (up/down) while using Google for video while listening to music via BitPerfect. With BitPerfect we want the dedicated output (USB, etc) to be at max, but the computer speaker volume at a lower level. If playing with those volumes doesn’t help, I suggest contacting BitPerfect directly.

With respect to pauses between tracks, I occasionally have the issue with specific “live music” tracks yet most are gapless. Don’t know why but I let it slide as I hope to get a new server soon and leave iTunes and BitPerfect behind forever… I used BitPerfect for a few years, then Roon for a couple, then realized that Roon did not sound as good so I did not renew it. I have another glitch with BitPerfect (track often will not play on first try) and have always found it’s not a perfect app, but have put up with some issues because it sounds vastly better on my system than iTunes.

My volume issues are not related to iTunes volume. I don’t even use it. And there is no mouse or keyboard connected to the music server so no chance of accidental volume change on my part.

I also have problems with Bitperfect/iTunes combo. Sometimes I like to play as background music and BP quits after a while and my systems stops playing. I have to relaunch BP. ITunes sometimes also pauses and I have to hit play. It seems to be random, but I have not timed it. Is there a setting for these programs? Anyone experience the same?